Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Owned and Owner by Anneke Jacob.

Now, this book is very simple in its theme actually. The plot is that a woman goes to another planet because she wants to be a slave. She chooses slavery. The thing about this woman on her own planet, is she is isolated and like Maia in As She's Told, also written by Anneke Jacob, who felt her body was not her own, the legs moving like she had to force them, she leaves her family, her sister, and goes into full time 24/7 slavery. But unlike Maia, it's more extreme, she doesn't have contact with her family once a slave, I've not read any contact.

Her Owner, I remember his name clearly it's Garid but I don't remember the woman's name because it's mentioned only very early on in the book and then probably never- (I looked it up again, her name is Etrin) so her Owner is a man who basically wants pure submission and he wants it all the time. He wants to own all the time. He lives on a planet where being attracted to a woman is like being attracted to a man, it's not the norm and women from the other planets, there are no non slave women on his, are objects and would be pets to him and his men. The owned is to be his slave all the time but in such a way that she, his pet woman is living the way he wants also.

The key words are pet woman. I'm reading the book very slowly, I'm not finished with it yet, I intend to read it twice as I want to have some understanding of what I am reading.

The slave, the owned woman is a pet human. She is on a leash, poos like an animal and used as a pony.

The book is a little disturbing, to me, because it is total dehumanisation. She wants to touch his face but she won't and it would seem from later in the book she can't unless he says and she doesn't speak for a long time. She describes reacting and acting like she's in an animal state.

If she does anything wrong, anything that is not as she is told then she is punished and it's punishment she won't forget. However I don't actually find that disturbing despite the fact it makes me wince because of the pain element. The Owner -and the other men who punish her and the other pet humans that are in the book, know what they are doing in terms of the physical and they seem to have a grasp on the pets' mentally. With regards to HER mentally, we as a reader get to read her thoughts, I get that she needs the punishment they give and to me, it is fair. With regards to other pet humans, we get their Owners telling us about them a little.

The author has mentioned about Garid, making him more open in her revised copy of this book. I'd like to read that but I'm happy with the Garid in the book. You see, he gets what he wants and Etrin has got what she wants and what she needs. Yes, some of it is conditioning, I mean in the sense how could she possibly know that she needs such and such exactly when she hasn't experienced it, she's fantasised about it sure, but conditioning is a part of BDSM and there is a line between conditioning and brain washing. Abuse where it is beat, beat beat, I'll slap you if you move, cruelty. Owned and Owner is not about that. It's about doing EXACTLY as you are told to be owned. If you don't do as you're told, you will be punished. This is ONE dynamic, not the general rule for ownership, Master slave, Dom sub, BDSM.

Like I say the theme of the book is very simple.

Something that I have been thinking about, relating it to myself is the power being totally on the Owner's end. There is a power transfer, the owned is giving Him all the power over her but there's less digging into her psyche here compared to other books and movies. Garid does ask Etrin a few questions but it's straight up action from the start. He may already know enough but there is little if no conversation between them especially later on. Now, that's of course because she becomes his pet human and that's the deal that is to happen and it's about submission through actions but He expects those actions and I suppose when his pet human is left to sleep in her cage or on the floor, that's when she is given time to think about her actions, emotions, thoughts.

And there is the orgasm control. She doesn't get to orgasm very often which could be seen as cruelty, neglect, I don't think it's those but I think it's about control and dehumanisation. She is a pet woman, his pet woman, she is not a woman anymore. Her orgams are his totally, they are not hers. Like I say she doesn't get to orgasm very often but if she had it her way, she is aroused and in touch with her sexuality enough and without control enough to orgasm very often.

The book is really about a pet human's discipline and life. And to me it's unfair to say "what life." It's not a life we all desire or agree with but I feel strongly about the each to their own philosophy when it comes to this. It's not a book that you are going to think oh that's nice, it will provoke a strong reaction. I think the author wrote a story and that's just what this is. Of course there is pony girl training but Owned and Owner will be a story for me and something to remind me just how lucky I am to have found a Dominant that matches the submissive that I am.

Owned and Owner is about two people, different to my life and situation, finding each other. The book is also escapism although I am someone who is reading it to understand more about BDSM. Not about my BDSM but themes in this book.

As She's Told, the author's previous book is such a strong book and Owned and Owner has similar themes of pet, no games, 24/7 but it's a different type of book.

I will do another post on this later once I've read the book again and I'll be blabbering on about sharing of the pet women with other men.


  1. I think there is something very powerful about the idea of going away to a planet where this kind of lifestyle is the norm. It sort of makes it more valid and more inescapable.

  2. I never thought about it like that. I like the idea of no escape. I used to think ugh this boo is sci fi and about fantasy but there's so much reality in it actually, it's full on and it's not to all submissive's liking but I like that that it is full on. I just read the last chapter two days ago and it's so romantic.