Saturday, 20 November 2010

Just keeps coming out with them.

Seriously I love this website. I seriously love it. The writing, the simple background, the pictures, oh yes the pictures.

Kitty Thomas posted a few things about heroines and women's judgement.

I know we all have opinions and we SHOULD be able to air them in a way that's not trashy but some people are such prudes and they assume the judge role. Prudes come in all guises, bad girls the so called rebels are my particular pet hate.

Of course then you have people who just don't get it, racists, homophobes and they jump on freedom of speech like it's a bandwagon for their ignorant bullshit.

However, when it comes to heroines in books, I know that I have in the past and still do have a problem with the bad girl type heroines. That suprised you I know. To start with I have a problem with them. Then when they evolve, mature, grow up I'm their biggest fan. I don't like them initially because I've always been kind of the opposite, well no in fact I would say I am the opposite to these heroines not necessarily evolved, matured and grown up but just different in my actions. I was either misunderstood or mocked by bad girls and "rebels" in the past. So they just come across as immature despite some of them having experiences and baggage, a little ignorant and a little narrowminded.

Kitty was talking about women's opinions on too stupid to live heroines. Like why oh why she do that? The fact is, give me vulnerability, humanity for the good or worse, I want to see it and I want to read about it because it exists and to some extent something in that heroine exists in me also. So she may do things that are irrational, illogical but that's human. And I want to read that. I really need to read that. It's a little like when someone says why did that character commit suicide it was so unlike them! My analogies need work I know that was terrible. But, I have to look at that person and say stop analysing! Stop analysing to the extent you have a fit when you can't figure someone out.

The other thing is I don't imagine I'm the heroine. I just won't fantasise like that as a rule. I fantasise about certain situations but I always picture the heroine and hero together, it's THEIR story. I can relate to their characters sometimes more and sometimes less and I think Jeremy from Comfort Object is real just so I can have words with him, yes scary, his language got me hot I admit but I never thought I was Nell for one minute. SHE is Jeremy's, not moi. Of course different people function differently but yeah the whole I'm the heroine thing is not for me. I wouldn't mind reading her lines though.

And as for women judging others, heroines, other women, I have to say that maybe in another time and place, there could be such a thing as sisterhood. As for the saying women are their own worst enemies, men don't get away scot free. I love a man but I don't care for them as a whole, I don't hate them, they're interesting and weird and most of them make me laugh with them or at them but there's a reason I'm an introvert. When I'm with people who are listening and prepared to put their ego and judgement aside, oh yes I believe that everyone has an ego but some people's bore me,!, then I can let loose otherwise I remain introverted not for fear of judgement as they don't register very high with me but because their prejudices, judgement and ego are unnecessary. And some men have this in spades and have been very free and snide with their opinions in the past behind my back and towards me.

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