Sunday, 7 November 2010

I posted this review of Story of O the movie on Amazon UK.

It'll be there next week sometime. They sent me one of those emails, review your recent products. I was going to say something about their meaning of the word recent as I saw it was purchased 10/06/2010 but then I realised that date must mean 6th of October so 06/10 as we in the UK say. It's Amazon UK but they're still obviously as American as anything.

Even when I'm outside, I find this movie a perfect expression of a part of what's inside of me.

I gave it three stars out of five on amazon.

The movie is about a woman called O who is on a journey to please her lover Rene. Her journey is one of sexual slavery, objectification, freedom, emotional and physical bonds, ties and training. O later meets Sir Stephen, someone who will become a really big part of her life.

I've seen this four times and I'd watch again. Maybe not every day even if Story of O is one of my favourite books but this is a nice, quality movie version. The best parts are the music, not the pop songs or an attempt at those which are cringeworthy (thankfully there's only one when they show O being a professional photographer, in which the actress is talented but she's given cliche lines and it's a bit cheesy). The instrumental is quite lovely. It also fits the cinematography and pretty colours of the movie.

I think the movie is also what you take from it. It's not particularly erotic, for example when O is whipped whilst I like that you can see she's not laughing like some maniac and so fitting in with some people's views of BDSM, she's actually reacting to the whipping like a "normal person" but I'd have liked to have seen more sensuality. Afterall this is a sensual story. It is a story about love too and there is intensity, perhaps more I feel between O and Sir Stephen. I liked Sir Stephen in this, even if at one point the narrator tells us that he whips O to the point of unconciousness (for her) but there is a quality to the actor. I didn't realise it was young Udo Keir who played RENE, so I looked at him a bit different the next time. Initially I found him a boring pretty eyed young man, with not nearly as much charisma as Sir Stephen.

And when O is touched, it's not erotic at all. It comes off just as pain and tolerance and we're led to believe she does enjoy it because the point of Story of O is she a willing and complete sexual slave to those Rene and later on Sir Stephen want her to be. Even the part where she is making love to Jacqueline wasn't that sensual, perhaps because it had no drama unlike what we have seen O experience at the Chateu- where she undergoes some of her training to be a sexual slave.

So it's a pretty looking movie, a nice one, I don't feel it adds anything to the book by any means but it's not a bad adaptation. It's quite classy, with the instrumental music that will stay in your head and the movie does have in particular one beautiful image which I love, O on the boat by moonlight wearing an owl mask and arriving at a party Sir Stephen's property and slave. She looks stunning.

I'm unsure about the ending of the movie. The dvd does have extra features which include an interview with the director but they ask about the beginning of the movie. Not the end. This movie presents Story of O as a story of love. The trailer included on the dvd, calls it a heartwrenching tale of love. I suppose O wouldn't be O without her love for Rene so it is a love story.


Sometimes I think the ending of the movie is there to imply a sequel to O, that that is its main purpose. Hm..But, still the movie is one adaptation of the book. The book is something else, it's in a higher league I feel, doesn't matter how much you take from the movie.

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