Saturday, 20 November 2010

If someone could pay me for each post, I'd buy myself a hot tub

to save myself from boredom. It's not even ten yet. I have done everything and more in the last few hours. I am tired but refuse to sleep early on a Saturday night. It's !!Saturday!! night and I'm thinking about watching fucking Love Story on youtube.

Anyway I always have an opinion about something or other and of course I have one on the very trivial People's Sexiest Man Alive. Whenever I think of that title I'm reminded of a Mills and Boon romance with a really cheesy smiling guy on the cover holding a rose and looking slimy. However, I did enjoy that book in particular when he shacked up with his plain Jane seceretary, you have to hand it to Mills and Boon for subtlety and then he says to her if she ever leaves him again, he'll spank her. Oh I would have loved to have read Sexiest Man Alive 2; Secretary gets spanked (that's what it was called..) where she's giving him a blow job, he's fully clothed, she's very naked, and he writes something important and she has her mouth full of boss man's cock.

I need something to calm me down here, oh yeah..

Ryan Reynolds? He's the Sexiest Man Alive? Doesn't he shave his chest? No, kidding he has some hair there -I think -I can't even be bothered to look properly but he sort of looks as though he may shave his chesticles or have considered it at one point whilst fluffing his boyish hair. Look, honestly I have no beef with him, I don't know him, I liked the trailer for The Proposal, I could watch it again, but he (looks as though he would )shave his chest.

I know he has abs but he (looks as though he would) shave his chest.

Which brings me onto Zac Efron. He reminds me a little facially of Leonard Whiting from Romeo and Juliet, a good looking man for sure. The thing is his face is almost beautiful and even though he was in High School Musical, I actually think he could be quite raunchy, not that Ryan -shave chest today grow hair out tomorrow- Reynolds (see how bored I am!!)couldn't be a beast in bed too, but like Efron, he's unthreatening despite the level of body fitness going on there. Well maybe these two are threatening to men but nothing about them when I wasn't submitting to my Dominant made me go oh hello.

Then there's the classic man who doesn't shower. I remember when I had a sad little mini crush on Ethan Hawke but one of the things that turned me off about him was that Troy Dyer look. Troy Dyer had grease in his hair. He wanted to look dirty or was just dirty anyway but that didn't make him manly to me, it just made him someone trying to relive his teenage years. Whilst being a pouty little bitch about "Lainey" and oh yeah, like, the whole world.

And so whilst Johnny Depp is a wonderful actor and a witty man, I couldn't ever muster up excitement over wanting to kiss him because I always thought I might leftovers from a cigarette in my mouth.

And this Chris Pine? Really?

Someone posted about how they think these men are effeminate and non threatening and I remember the hype over Leonardo Di Caprio who has an angelic type of face, a bit of Bottecilli going on there, but he is someone who in his teen heart throb werewolf prime would be described as effeminate and unthreatening. What are womens or girls fascination with men who resemble women a bit? I never understood that although having said that I appreciate nice lips, (probably because I know they're going to be fun to kiss) and my Dominant has those.

I know People and to be honest all magazines are full of promotion. Ryan Reynolds has a new movie coming out, already out probably and Brad Pitt is a family man now with no sudden movie, Johnny Depp has The Tourist with Madame Jolie so it's all what's hot, what's not. I was reading something interesting about the Marie Claire article a woman wrote, she hates fat people so much to which most women I included replied what a bitch, and an author made a very interesting point that it's just about promotion. It's going to get a reaction and everytime, Marie Claire in this case is being promoted.

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