Friday, 15 October 2010

Weekend naughty read for you all.

I haven't bought a book for weeks but this one I just bought and read. It's by one of my favourite authors and people, Amarinda Jones. The ebook is called Bad Girl and that title and cover are seductive as it is, what made me go ahead and buy it so late in my evening, was the excerpt. It's a hot, sex tease of an excerpt, full of wicked words and explicit actions, a sexy woman and a man who we have an inkling wants more than just to fuck her, he wants to posess, own her and have her as his.

What I loved about the book is that I got to read about a strong heroine who had many thoughts and emotions at this stage in their relationship and that Amarinda writes so beautifully that you can see her dimensions and never think, oh I can't relate to this, no matter that you think the heroine is different to you or the fact that the story is not your story, Ms Jones is a great writer and the book gave me that feeling when you read good Erotica; you're excited, you're interested but you're also INTO it. I had planned to read an Annabelle Joseph book or At Her Captain's Command ("cum slut."Fuck yes.I'll explain the injoke later) but this one by Amarinda, I'm going to have another read again tonight after reading it once already. It's very, very GOOD.

The book also contains a stupendously hot alley scene, words like cunt and suck are mentioned, and oh well, maybe another time, eh. *smile*

For six months Kealea and Christopher have been lovers, while consensually enjoying multiple partners. For a while it worked for Kealea. She wanted no commitment, and she craved the excitement and thrill of being taken by each new lover. But it’s not enough. She wants forever with Christopher. How can she make him realize there’s so much more to be enjoyed than wild sex?

Christopher shares Kealea’s desires, but he’s not sure how to change what they have into what they both crave. What if everything changes? Sex has always been easy, but loving could unleash consequences neither of them can handle. What is he to do? When another man shows interest in Kealea, Christopher knows he must make a move, or lose the woman he loves…for good.

Be Warned: multiple partners, menage sex, anal sex, bondage, public exhibition.

Adult Excerpt: (be warned)

“You’re a bad girl. I saw what you did.”

“I can do what I like.” Kealea drew in a shallow breath as she fought the restrictive feeling of being trapped by rope. She was naked and it wasn’t the first time Christopher tied her up. She was on her hands and knees, her forearms roped to her upper thighs. With her head bowed down in submission, her ass was exposed and vulnerable to whatever he chose to do.

She jumped as Christopher smacked her bare flesh—hard.

Kealea squinted, willing herself not to moan. Christopher knew she loved being spanked. It was both a joy and a punishment for her. There was something so raw and primal that appealed to her, being in this wicked position. The heat of his palm, the sound of the slap and the sting of his hand sent a wild rush of excitement coursing through her veins. The punishment was fighting the urge to enjoy it.

Smack! Smack!

Kealea bit her lower lip. She knew what this was about. He was jealous, and lately it was a common occurrence. But that wasn’t her problem. Either Christopher should declare he wanted Kealea for himself or let her go on choosing those men that amused her without questioning her actions. Knowing he didn’t believe in monogamy was fine. She had always known what their relationship would be like, and entered it with both eyes open. Christopher slept with whomever he pleased and Kealea did the same. They had a mutual understanding, but lately a tension lurked between them she couldn’t shake.

I’ll be damned if I’ll be held accountable for my actions when he’s doing the same or worse. “You don’t own me.”

Christopher’s hand strayed in between her butt cheeks. “Don’t I, baby?”

“No—we’re free agents.” They had been for six months. While they always came back to the other, both of them indulged in liaisons. On the whole, Kealea enjoyed her diverse sexual encounters. But of late, she wanted more. Maybe he finally understands. Maybe that moment with Hutch pushed him into realization. Maybe…

“Nothing is free.” His finger touched her anus. Kealea closed her eyes. Her legs were so tightly bound, the pressure of his finger invading her small opening was intense. Hot. Perfect. Keep pushing. That’s what Christopher liked to do. He enjoyed pushing her past her comfort zone and making her come like no other man could.

“You knew I was watching you.” He dropped down on his haunches.

Yes, she did. Kealea knew what Christopher was like. She squirmed and raised her ass to meet his hand. “You and I…” Kealea hesitated. What was the right word to explain their relationship?

Christopher continued working his finger inside her. “Yes, what?”

“We’re complicated.” Yeah, that was it. “And messy and bad.” So bad it was good.

Christopher leaned over her body and whispered in her ear. “But you like being bad.”

Yes. His hot, hard, naked body teased her flesh. Kealea wanted his body slammed down on her not hovering above. “I want more.”


If he had to ask now, Kealea knew he didn’t get her at all. “You wouldn’t understand.”

Christopher’s voice was soft and low in her ear. “How little we know each other, baby.” He then removed his hand and lifted up from her. “You have to pay a penalty.”

Kealea shivered. He gave the best punishments. “For what?”

“For being a bad girl.” He slapped her ass one last time. “Daniel, come in here.”

Her head jerked up. “I don’t want anyone but you.” Couldn’t he see the reasons behind why she acted the way he did?

“Liar.” Christopher’s smile was thin and tight.

He was right of course. By himself, Christopher was sexually amazing. With another, it added the cherry.

“Please Chris…” Kealea wasn’t sure what she was begging for. More? Less? Faster?

“You should have thought of that before you fucked the other man.” His hand came down on her ass two more times. “You’re a bad girl.”

Oh yes. Kealea awaited her punishment.

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