Monday, 18 October 2010

I happen to quite like Mondays.

Something good always happens.

I started looking at Black Lace Publishing yesterday. I once read something about this woman in the country, maybe Wild in the Country,?!, and then something about a woman who was boss of all these men. I still remember "Wild In The Country," there's two men, one who's semi game keeper from Lady Chatterley's Lover without the social conscious and the other man was more enigmatic but she wasn't as sexually attracted to him at first, he was polite, posh, not as animalistic- or obviously animalistic. Anyway, I wish I kept the book, you can tell when something is written by a british author provided they don't sell out, Victoria Blisse, Charlotte Stein, these authors have a way with words.

Too bad about the aftertaste of yesterday's post eh.


  1. Why thank you, I'm glad you think I have a way with words! Your post has made me smile. :)

  2. All 4 look worth getting if only for the covers.

  3. You're welcome Victoria!

    Melli, definitely. I'll let you know if I manage to get my hands on of these. I used to be able to get them out at this library, and feel great that fine upstanding citizens went there whilst I just snooped the black lace and naughty stuff section.

  4. The Bound in Blue one looks just like me.

  5. Its one of those books I would choose based on the cover.