Sunday, 31 October 2010

Most normal people would be getting drunk right about now.

There's not even a movie I can summon the patience to watch. Texas Chainsaw Massacre doesn't scare me. There was a novelty to it, I got it the first time, I have no wish to see it again. It's pretty boring. "Halloween" is boring, the music and her screeching just takes away any scare factor. These are all good movies, I just don't have it in me to be scared by them. Creeped out, not scared. I tried Martin, because of the association between vampirism and rape, in particular in Martin's case but I don't like the quality of that film. Even if I watched these movies with a friend or relative, we'd just have a laugh, neither of us would be scared.

Don't get me started on The Excorsist. It's too hilarious. I think it was either the book to this or The Devil's Advocate..actually probably both that got me startled at night, good I wanted that, but have you ever seen the movie Devil's Advocate? Keanu Reeves? Are you having a laugh? And I keep waiting for Al Pacino to burst out with hoo ah!

But I did get creeped out tonight and I'll not complain there isn't enough provocation in that sense. I got sent an email which made me nauseous. It was teen girls complete with crooked teeth and braces topless. It was so so disgusting. The photos also looked fake, and they just looked so creepy and odd, creeply smiles, creepy eyes and creepy stuck from someone else's bodies. Ew. It's the first time I've ever seen something like this and it's going to haunt me, but not in a good horror movie way, in a bloody gee thanks a lot for sending me some shit which you should have just kept to yourself you DISGUSTING PAEDOPHILE way.

My ideal Halloween would be to have someone around to visit a graveyard with me. Yes. True. It'd be pitch dark and we'd have a bottle of alcohol and just be freezing and talking.

The place where I live, there's no houses. So there's no trick or treating. It's just pub brawls and I don't feel like even going anywhere near that area when I'm on my own. I want silence. Silence is the best. I have it now. And that's probably why I'm kind of smiling writing this. It adds to my never mind graveyard, even the corner of a field fantasy under a tree. Drunk. Fucked. Without consent. Slapped. Spanked. Twisted. All orchestrated by Master.

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