Wednesday, 6 October 2010

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So necessity has forced me to order Story of O on dvd. That's Histoire De O and not Story of O Untold Pleasures which looks too like every other softcore movie I used to watch on channel 5 (good times) with a bit of pain added in. Histoire is not available in shops, no, it has to be ordered off the internet and will arrive in a brown paper bag called Pervert.

Last night I watched Belle De Jour. I liked it. It's a classy movie with a classy movie star (Catherine De Neuve). It didn't tie up but it was a break from Secretary. I know that movie too well now. First time, I got that thrill of watching her get spanked. The thrill that goes to your fingertips. And I love Lee's tranformation and Mr Grey's interactions with her but I prefer movies like The Image and Belle De Jour and Nine Songs.

Belle De Jour like Secretary is a love story but I like the darker elements, she goes into prostituion (and only idiots think prostitution is glamourised. Heard the Pretty Woman argument- first of all Richard Gere is overrated, haha, and secondly it's A MOVIE *big eye roll*).

In Belle Du Jour we have her wanting to feel pain. She fantasises over being whipped. My favourite part of the movie is when I hear the bells. The carriage stops and Belle is in the forest, tied to a true and hurt. In theory, the idea is romantic. In practice, on one of the times this happens, Belle's husband hugs her and that's romantic.

I would have to watch it again to try and understand more just how much this secret life of hers is fantasy and how much it is a love story. A theory is that Belle, her alter ego name, does not have sex with her husband because she wants pain and vanilla sex would be blah through the motions occasional oh that's actually okay sex and she wouldn't be aroused and she doesn't want to do that to him. So she has to have this second life in which she goes into prostituition and fantasises over being whipped.

I saw 9 songs that Michael Winterbottom movie today. I really don't see the problem with showing sex in how they show it in this movie. Their relationship is told through sex and music and so how can the sex just be this Hollywood -woman writhing on the sheets- affair? Sex is dirty, stick, messy, different at times and changing. How can anyone change if only their hair, if that, gets messed up, you know?! I don't get a big kick of seeing someone else's cum quite frankly, I'm not in a relationship with that Kieran guy or Margo Stilley from Songs so their cum is of little importance to me, but that's what you get in sex, and I get over any prudishness and say thank God they're showing sex honestly.

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