Sunday, 3 October 2010

I've figured out what is taking me time in terms of my writing, continuing my Hogtied story.

I can understand when people need to isolate themselves from outside, cut themselves off from the world to write their book. I don't know if I am one of those people, I don't have enough experience and I want to be able to just be me regardless. Sometimes, it gets busy outside and I lose myself a little. Though that's happening less nowadays. Significantly less, definitely.

I use music to ..ground me. I've made a list of five things and if you have things in your life that ground you, or that you have a need for, then please feel free to post yours.

1. Music. It varies from month to month. Last month and those before,I was huge into Glee.I still am but now I am loving Flightless Bird American Mouth and Billy Joel's Piano Man in particular. There's also something about Down Town by Petula Clark that I really like. I think the lyrics are greatness. All three of these songs are linked to other passions in my life, Flightless Bird to Twilight (critics shut up and let us fan "girls" scream, what is it to you?). Piano Man- Glee. When the two characters remember old days, drunkenly! Down Town- movies. It's used in Girl Interrupted but I get a real classic movie vibe from this song. Other songs I love are the oldies, Cry To Me by Solomon Burke (by the way I'm not a big Dirty Dancing fan but I like their moves), Wonderful World by Sam Cooke. And some good team GIRL music; Rihanna, Beyonce.

2. The cold weather and the long, dark nights. Really. It's getting nearer and nearer to winter. Bonfire night is coming up, longer nights, not snowing yet. I feel summer has been long and now I'm ready for change. Well the change that has come up quite suddenly..and I'm embracing it. Plus Christmas is quite nice.

3. Provocative movies. Story of O, Belle De Jour, Night Porter. I watched a movie called The Image which is adapted from a book about a sadomasochistic relationship between two women and when a man enters it. Suprisingly good despite the 70s music and slightly laughable narration. And, most importantly, I had only seen Secretary prior to Night Porter and The Image..I wanted something edgier, darker. I really want to see Belle De Jour as much for the fact it seems like a gorgeously made movie.I want to watch a horror movie, something like the classic Omen, I love the dilemma that the dad has about having to kill his son. And I also want to watch the movie The Lovers. Something sensual. Also, tell me, do I want to see the original Thomas Crown Affair? I like the way the women looked in these movies and you don't have to be a tall blonde to look soft and feminine. They presented themselves well and thought about what they were wearing but weren't afraid to be themselves. Nowadays I see too many people emulating just one look; tanned.

4. Great writing. In song lyrics, movie and tv scripts, books and bdsm erotica. I think Story of O is almost exquisitely written. Comfort Food as you know I think has a beautiful intensity drawing in so many readers who have different ideas, takes greatness to do that, and Comfort Object by Annabelle Joseph is so insightful, I read her other book Firebird and I really like the heroine in that. I can't believe some readers were saying Jeremy was evil and Nell a push over in Comfort Object, surely if you're making that kind of statement you should read the book properly at least once! I can't fathom how they got to their opinions even though I know we all process things differently.

5. Truth. I'd rather know who my true friends are than be in the false air kissing society. Of course that can be fun in a frivolous sort of way but only one night in the week please.

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