Thursday, 21 October 2010

Do you think sisterhood exists? Is it exclusive to some?

I'm thinking just leave the question as it is. My own opinion is that whilst I'm obviously human, I care about things that other people care about, I find it's really about how you take any treatment given to you and I find rising above it, NOT ignoring helps. If I write I have felt excluded it will come across as nothing but a VICTIM stamp and a plea for attention. So I won't go there. The reason I ask the question is just I feel and I see around me, hypocrisy, judgement and basically non sisterhood between women. I've always despised the bitchy nature that seems to be associated with women, fact is I think men are equally as guilty. I don't hate other women, I don't hate men, I don't feel it necessary to even place my trust in them as a whole, in general, I'm not cynical about them, I think people generalise and underestimate too much- but that's just it I think women underestimate others. Not just me. I mean in general. There's too much judgement I feel. I wish it was like childhood in a way, you know when you were 3 and you sat and played with anyone, I wish that innocence wasn't replaced by cynicism because I really don't think it's been replaced by knowledge.

There's an exclusion which is more so in some races and so called cultures, there's a lot of stupidity too, like skin colours in your own race. How light you are or how dark.

The jealousy argument is void as I don't think that it's a reason for being a fuck to someone. Like I say I mean this in general. I am cryptic when I need to be but if I have to say something, I will go ahead and say it, I'm not afraid of dropping names because I'd say the same thing to their face. Sad thing is the cliche of looking your "enemy" in the eyes isn't only get more animosity. But that's a whole other post, probably entitled "Is respect completely dead?"

And I wonder just how much judgement comes with support? Can support between women be unconditional?


  1. Yes, it can happen among women. Being open and honest and non-judgmental...yes it can happen. It is possible. But, it's not easy to find and it's not easy to keep, at least in my experience. If you find it though, it's worth everything.