Saturday, 16 October 2010

Dear Tallie. A letter of longing from Captain Boa.

But a little intro first. Captain Boa, Ry as only Tallie is allowed to call him (as I want it that way) is one of my favourite characters from books never mind certain sections of books, Erotica. The book is called At Her Captain's Command. Boa is half variant and half human, test tube born. He's not a unicorn nor does he dazzle in the sunlight, he's a freak of nature by means of his birth. He's on this planet, I mean I forget what it's called and he can't get over Tallie Rosseau's feminity, Tallie also harbouring the feelings meaning horniness over Cap Boa. They eventually have to do something mega dangerous as part of their work but in their isolated, harsh environment, they create an explosion of fire together by having animal sex.

"Did you get the instructions about the right way of doing the zip of your flight suit over those stupendously large breasts of yours? I hope that they don't accidentally fall out again whilst I have to push you out of the plane when we go on our next mega dangerous part of our job part..I'm glad you've stopped screaming and yelling when you jump out the plane, that you're going to die because you're not going to die Tallie, your parachute has never failed you and your boobs yet. I have to say you looked like a mad bird with constipation issues the last I was forced to push you but what part of this is the fourth time I tell you to jump out did you not understand? I know you are not built for combat my delicious little computer hacker so it's okay I will protect you/i.e. push you out of planes for as long as we are stuck on this dead end probably flat as opposed to round planet of ours."


So I have put an excerpt, blurb and publishers details for this book and you'll see what I mean about cum slut. (Not).

"Her Captain's Command: Done in the first person, for him and for her, this is an erotic tale of eventual submission and darkly tangled lust and love. Set on a distant planet, in the midst of harsh survival, a man and a woman test the boundaries of need. When they believe there is no other chance."

"Yeah right, you are not questioning a thing, because your Captain eyed your boobs," I mutter under my breath. Then, I grab the pack with the MAXY stuff in it. "Get real!"

But I figure that is as close to the truth as I’m going admit to myself on this one, as I leave my quarters and hope to hell he really did like my boobs. They were quite spectacular in that wet tee shirt.

"I’m going to what?" I hiss four hours later, looking at Captain Boa’s toughly grim expression.

"That’s what I said, Private Rousseau. The team is going to parachute out of this heap and you’re going to buddy up with me, since you’ve never dropped before. Now, get up here so I can hook you up!"

All around me in the cargo Skitter, the other six men of "the team" are putting on their parachutes. I’d been really nervous wondering what the heck was going on, but Captain Boa’s silence and his intense stares kept me quiet. In the interim of four hours, and with no briefing as promised, I was imagining many things, but never this. I have this terribly awful feeling we’re going into a war zone, and suddenly, I feel as though Captain Boa has betrayed me.

He steps closer to me and lowers his voice beneath the noise in the cargo hold. "Are you thinking of disobeying an order, private?" he asks me coldly.

This is my life, damn it, and I find myself brave enough to look up at him. "No, but I’ve never been in combat before, you should know that!"

The Captain grabs the hooks on my flight suit and hauls me toward him to begin hooking me up to him. "I do," he answers grimly. "That is why, Private Rousseau." He tugs on a hook and jostles me closer. I’m nearly hugging him! "You are going to do exactly, and I mean, exactly everything I say, the minute I say it! This is not going to be orders, private. This is going to be reaction on your part. Do not think. If I tell you to hit the dirt. Do it! Do not think if I tell you to go left, right, or stop. Just do it! If I tell you, to stay in place, a nuclear blast is not going to uproot you!"

I’m mesmerized by Captain Boa’s fierceness as he looks down at me. We are so close. We’ve never been this close before. Not even when he grabbed me in the hall. He has to feel me shaking. I can see his concern and that nearly undoes me. His vivid blue eyes are sharp with it.

"It’s a go! Drop one!" The intercom blares around us.

"Hook your hands in my belt here, Rousseau!" Captain Boa shouts over the noise.

"But, I–!"


I’m screaming! Captain Boa gave me no chance. He just pushed both of us out the flight hatchway, and then he wrapped his arms around my head. My screams are muffled in his throat as a huge wind flings us bodily over and over! The air sucks at my breath and I can’t breathe anymore, then suddenly everything goes black.


At Her Captain's Command comes in an ebook with two other stories which to be honest I haven't paid much attention to.

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