Thursday, 7 October 2010

Blondes only?

It's only a marketing ploy.

I don't know why I bother clicking on those superficial side headlines you get on MSN. I suppose this one was right next to a picture of Glee (although not the same headline). Anyway, this one was "Blonde only Maldives"

They're using this marketing strategy to have a blonde only resort, staff are blonde, even pilots on the flights are blondes. The thing is with the blonde only. Of course, it's a bit of fun but at the same time it's probably getting males to part with their money so they can just be on an island surrounded by "hotness." But, it's not even sexist. It's not even intolerant. It's just further pushes sensuality, attractiveness, allure, perhaps even beauty and an easy sexuality to women who are blonde.

They say the male staff will be blonde too but I've not seen women grab a man's butt the way a man will grab a a woman's butt when he sees her blonde hair swish past him.

I'm not about competing with each other, I have dark hair but I don't think dark hair is the most beautiful. I think blonde hair is pretty but I can't imagine turning my head just because someone has blonde hair. It's not that rare, half the time it's been enhanced totally, I appreciate there's a femininity to blonde hair which is associated with being submissive, not passive, or stupid or all the things modern society associates with the word submissive but it's again just pushing that proper definition of that word which is a quality towards blonde hair.

I grew up in two countries, one where blonde hair has the element of being associated with fair skin with in turn is associated with beauty and the other where blonde hair is associated with beauty period. I think the first, where it's associated with fair skin is a dangerous concept, worrying not because it is "unfair" but because of the fact your skin should be a certain colour.

But there's no angry point to my post. I'm not going to read a headline which has come from a COMPANY who have something to sell and want money, that's how it works, we all know that, and start talking about racism or intolerance. However, perhaps it is time pretty women came in all skin tones and hair colours.

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