Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Sold to the highest bidder.

My idea came from an episode of Ally Macbeal.

"Oh no, it couldn't be." Beneath my excuse for a top, slashed, black, I didn't even own it , I had no edgy clothes, I had to borrow it, I could feel sweat trickle between my boobs out of total fear. Fear and excitement. My boss. My boss, was the highest bidder, the man who yelled out the cost that would sell me to him for the night. Oh fuck. My boss, the man whom I masturbated about once and it gave me the greatest clitoral orgasm of my life, was dressed in a suit, tie, dark hair dischevelled, his appearance at this event made me want to take my own life.

"Here's what happens. You don't speak till I let you." Holy..He said these words straight into my ear. I nearly toppled down the steps but he caught onto me. His body was large over mine, dominant. My panties must have been showing, because my short denim skirt got tugged on just as I went on the stage. This bitch of a woman decided to push me out, my sweet innocent bob messy and my face moist from the lights.

I was doing okay. I mean, I was petrified as hell. But, I wanted to be humiliated. A part of me did. I wanted to be put on a stage where a group of grown men could shout insults at me, tell me I had no right to think anyone would want to buy me, afterall this wasn't for a good cause, I had done this because I tracked down an event where women actually wanted to be sold for the sake of it, and I wanted to be one of those women.

"What were you doing here?" I couldn't help my question at the man now guiding me into his car.

"Don't." His lips were set grimly. I would have laughed was I not incredibly aroused. Visions of him tearing my panties off, spanking my butt and fucking me on his car whilst he was fully clothed except for his dick penetrating my anus..they were making me so horny that I wanted to touch my pussy for him and make me come over there so he could take me up the backside.


  1. 果然很有意思呀....這當然要頂一頂呀.................................................................

  2. Well, yes - I agree with whatever the first commenter said - but seriously, get yourself published woman

  3. I really wish I could translate what they said because the curious human in me would like to know!

    *whines* but i don't want to get published..there's two reasons I will fill you in on sometime. But THANK YOU.