Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Sold. Part three.

When he wrapped his lips around my nipple, my legs shaked, he got up, I don't know if to support my body but I just had to hold onto something otherwise I'd come just from his mouth sucking my breast. I messed his hair up with my fingers, it felt so different to mine. He moved to my other breast sucking my other nipple hard. He was so hard on both and when he went from one to the other, they made a popping sound from his mouth. He bit on this one and then licked it with his tongue.

"Kiss around my areola" I said. I had very little bumps on the brown mini expanses of skin. He didn't just kiss, he licked. I'm glad I tore my gaze away from his covered shoulder and saw his eyes. I was watching him watch me as he licked my areola. He went round and round and then suckled my nipple into his mouth.

"Uhhh oh yeah" I moaned harshly. I kissed his covered chest, well more like lick kissed it. He kissed the side of my breast and just as I wanted him to try and attempt foolishly to take both my aroused breasts into his mouth and suck both my nipples together and rub their saliva covered nubs with each other, he made an anguished sound and did just that.

"Please. Please. Please." I panted as he did so. I had NO support his hands and mouth were busy with my very, extremely aroused boobs.

If I could titty fuck him at this very moment, they'd feel like double d's from the plump c's they normally were, like mountains for him to stick his dick in between. God, if he could just wack his dick off on my nipples.

I fell down when he stuck his head between my boobs and now kissed my well sucked breasts, getting his own breath back...when I was less shocked, I fingered my pussy.."NO." He growled. Honest to shit this was the lowest most animal growl sound I'd ever heard. "But I'm horny" I whimpered into him.

He spanked my arse and I came hard.

"If you didn't want me to come," I moaned as the orgasm made my pussy convulse and I watched his eyes as if they were fingers getting soaked in my juice, "then you shouldn't have spanked me."

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