Friday, 25 June 2010

Sexy is as sexy does.

I don't know about you but I can never take something from someone's appearance. I'm not into reading body language. Because that too, like appearance, can be faked and if someone looks all natural, it doesn't make them have the best personality. In the world. Ever.

It takes more than a slab of beefcake muscle to get me hot and wet. I remember once seeing Lleyton Hewitt on court, this was on tv, in real life I would have fainted, the guy looks like your average student but taller and by the way I have nothing against average, to me it's a fact not a dismissal! And he just got so positively fired up and played the best fucking tennis out there that day, I was so in awe of the guy. To me the way he couldn't be stopped, that was sexy.

I get hot and bothered over someone's appearance after I get to know about them. For real I know people say that..but.. I can talk about their appearance as good as the next person but I have to have some bond with them. They can't just be a "pretty face." Two exceptions; women and the cover of Sweet Caroline. Sweat across that body and those veins, all that strength is the hottest picture. In the world. Ever.

I still maintain I fancy Ethan Hawke over his personality AND his looks, and he happens to get that depth across when also playing shit bags or murderers, and makes them human. If he was say a footballer, I'd have to watch him in action before any form of a crush took place.

Bye and have a spanking good weekend!


  1. 在莫非定律中有項笨蛋定律:「一個組織中的笨蛋,恆大於等於三分之二。」......................................................................

  2. A sense of humor and a smart mouth always gets me interested

  3. Humanity also helps too. Men sometimes can be so bitchy it makes me want to puke. I mostly avoid the ones that look like they're going to snap at you.