Monday, 21 June 2010

Oh I think I know how PETA and some organisations feel

When you see something that angers you, you want to bring that thing DOWN. I wouldn't throw blood at them, but I absolutely hate what they are saying and about. I think they are nazi's.

"Code d' Odalisque is a genre or style of non-violent consensual slave play engaged in by willing adult men and women. It is a modern revival of aspects of the historical institution of odalisque (female sexual servant) in a consensual form. Play is guided by a written code of rules, etiquette and protocols. The genre or style is an alternative sub-culture within the broader BDSM community; play includes aspects of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission but not sado-masochism. The use of pain and degradation is forbidden under the Code. The values of the Code are hedonistic and pleasure-oriented combining exotic elements from Turkish/Persian erotic culture with modern, Western hardcore tastes. The structure of play is based upon the relationship between a male Slavekeeper and a female slave. Play is essentially heterosexual in character."

"Although the Code is male dom/fem sub it is strongly pro-feminine.

5. The Odalisque

An odalisque is a sexual slave. She is kept by a Slavekeeper for the purposes of providing sexual service. She is often referred to as a “cockslave” because she is dedicated to serving the sexual needs of males and because the hedonism of this style of slave play is phallocentric. Odalisque slavery is a mode of phallic worship. The Code defines the cockslave's role and provides a full account of her rights and responsibilities.

Importantly, she is not to be treated as a work slave or as a domestic servant. This is one of the things that distinguishes an odalisque from an ordinary slave as often found in BDSM Master/slave play. An odalisque is not to be used for labour. She is protected from toil. Her only duties are erotic. In this respect she is often called a “luxury slave” because she is kept in a state of leisure and is not required to cook or clean for her Master. The Code refers to work slaves by the word “memlook”. An odalisque is not a memlook. She is also referred to as a “pleasure slave” because her one task is to provide pleasure to her Master, and she is protected from pain and harm and all forms of sado-masochism.

The Code draws careful boundaries between an odalisque, a whore and a slut. An odalisque is not a whore who sells her sex nor a slut who sleeps around as a free agent. Many aspects of the Code are constructed upon these distinctions. A Slavekeeper cannot treat his odalisque as a whore or a slut.

Interesting you should say pro feminine when you say, "An odalisque is a precious thing. It is a travesty to see her working in a factory or in meaningless jobs where her beauty and eroticism is wasted. A Slavekeeper protects an odalisque from the savageries of the labour market. She is neither maid nor cook. And neither is she expected to go out to work. She is kept. Kept for sex." "There is plenty of scope to make suitable arrangements between time in "occlusion" and time in "sojourn". The modern world necessitates it. But an odalisque should not be exposed to hard work or work that can detract from or damage her beauty and her primary role as sexual servant. So factory work, dirty ... See Morework is out. The important thing is to protect her skin. So no work where she might sustain burns or scars. Within that framework, you can accomplish your dreams.
A personal anecdote - in southern India last year I saw lovely young local girls working in roadworks carrying heavy baskets of cement rubble. All day. They age very quickly. The Code wants to prevent things like that, not prevent women such as yourself accomplishing your dreams."

The modern world necessitates it?!

Well, those girls in India also have dark skin, I wonder if you have a problem with that also?

Leave sexism, forget racism for the moment, this is just inhumane. An odalisque is clearly not loveable or of any use should she get a scar and will be replaced by a younger model because clearly that's what this is about, when she turns 60 and starts looking 60. So is this Code pro plastic surgery? A bit nip tuck? Get rid of that stomach? Pump up the boobs? Hmm, is this Hugh Hefner or some other nazi in society?

And talking of Hef, any guy who can sit back and say oh yah well Kelly Osbourne not enough airbrushing in the world for her to appear in my magazine when she expressed an interest, whilst surrounded by his herd of sheep, is a dubious character no doubt. Shrewd buisness man or whatever and all this it's human nature to choose the fittest, hold that shit, clearly some women should put bags over their heads and cover their bodies and never do what they want and never go as far sexually and otherwise as they want to. They should be limited, isn't it. Why not kill them? Why not just get rid of them? That way you'd only have to look at silicon, tans and extensions. You can have your own little race!

So a beautiful woman to you is worth it all. Otherwise, not, isn't it Code and other nazi's?

Women, know your place!

Well, I tell you I'm interested in submission but I'm more interested in being a human being. I'd hate to be oppressed. I'll leave that attitude to the barbies and to the 50 year old dicks that appear in women's stores gawping at females young enough to be their grand daughters, whilst with their wives. Cos' that beauty they're so taken with, it's all out there in the make up products and the self tanning lotions and clip ons, it's everywhere but my respect, my sense of self, me, the ounce of respect I hung onto at school whilst dealing with the intolerance, there's no price I'm willing to pay for that.

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