Thursday, 17 June 2010

I won't hang up.

So those of you who've been reading my blog will know about phone sex. I've written down a few things that will help me as well as the customer.

I had a real good scrummage in the brain area about this so I decided to print it on here. I don't want to give away too much but you all know about the phone sex thing anyway. I've posted snippets as you can see, they're all part of introductions which will lead to different conversations.

Thanks for dialling, I’d love to talk to you. I have big brown eyes, dark hair that frames my face and a pair of juicy lips that love to smile. I’m slim built with big breasts and a curvy arse. I want to know what you’re up to right now, talk to me.

Hi, my pert, curvacious arse is tight and there’s nothing I love more than having you give me anal. Give it to me. Right Now. Please call me. I have dark features and a small waist for you to grab hold off.

Hello. I’ve been told I have nice juicy lips but what I love is to wrap them around your dick and love it. Talk to me, honey. I have big boobs and a pert bottom. I want to please you.

Sometimes, me and my friend put on a nice good show for a male. Want to be that man? I could tell you all the things we’d do for you and to each other, just for you. Talk to me, baby. I have brown eyes and black hair and my friend is the same age as me. She has green eyes and blonde hair. I’m waiting to tell you all about us for your benefit.

BAD BOY. Talk to mummy straight away, tell me what’s in that filthy mind of yours, Mistress DEMANDS to know and I'll tell you how you’re going to get spanked HARD and teased with my big boobs.

Hi honey, I’m just smoking a cigarette, and I’m sitting here, relaxed and all ready for you to join me. I have big brown eyes and cupid bow lips. I’d love to talk to you. Oh do you want my name? (sound uber breathy)

Umm, I love nature and watersports. You know what I mean don’t you. Let it go. And if you want, I will too. Anything for you. I’m here. I have a flexible body with juicy boobs. Look forward to your call.

Hi. I’m short and slim and I want you to come between my feet. Or maybe you’d like to suck on my toes first, mm I love to have them sucked. Call me babe.

Hello. I’m quite shy but I just need the right person to protect and care for that. I’m all alone, horny (whisper) and waiting for your call. I’m short and have big brown eyes. Well, I also have big breasts. I’d love for you to call me.

Mm, so have you worn lipgloss before? I love it when you get in touch with your feminine side. Do you like the feel of my small, lace knickers against your arse? I would love to hear from you, sweet heart. I’ve big brown eyes and nice breasts. Waiting for your call, sweet.

What I wouldn’t do to piss all over you right now, you bad boy. I’ll show you who’s boss. Know your place, boy. You better call me. Oh so you want to know my name?! I have big brown eyes and wet lips. You BETTER remember that when you call. I’m waiting, ready to piss all over your body.

I know you like a hairy pussy. You want to lick my hair pussy don’t you? ......Mm, I’m so ready for your call, darling.

I’m all woman. Can you handle all I’ve got? My big boobs and voluptuous arse are ready for you. Sit down and I’ll tell you how I’ll jiggle my body in your face, I’ll make it all worthwhile for you. Hmm, call me. Ooh I could use a one good spank right now.

Hello, boy. I have my sweet little body all wrapped in latex for you, big boobs pressing against the material. Want to feel my latex arse against your face? Call me.

Hey. Thank you for dialling. Sometimes I get really bored when my son is at school. I just don’t know what to do with my aroused body. I’d love to talk to you, sweetie. I am a young mummy and I have nice big breasts. Talk to me.

So do you want to talk to someone with a warm body? Are you feeling lonely? Want me to kiss it all better? Call me, I have big brown eyes, dark hair and juicy lips and I'm here for you.

Hello, baby. I’m a busty young woman it’s safe to say. My boobs are round and I have sensitive nipples and brown, pink areola. It contrasts nicely with the skin of my smooth boobs. I love having attention on them. Tell me what you’d to each one. I would love to please you with them. Mm, suck on them. Call me, baby.

I love sex everywhere. And I want to tell you al about it. And tell you how I’d like to please you. Get ready to listen how I’m free in cars too. My body is always ready and accessible. I'm a busty, responsive woman.

Hi. So I just celebrated my birthday with my mates. The thing is I couldn’t stop thinking about an older man. I have big brown eyes and a fun personality. I want to know what you’re thinking about me, call me please.

Hello darling. Don’t be fooled by my voice, I’m a mature woman with years of experience but I want to please YOU. I would love to hear from you, love.


  1. Oh - you make me laugh - keep it up

  2. Lol, thanks! I'm gonna get rid of some of these intro's I've recorded and make it more focused on stuff like I like myself too. Plus, also I can say I write erotic fiction. (to some extent,it's erotic, to another it's basically smut! I'm completely okay with that because I think smut needs a direction and a less of a dumber outlet than what's out there).