Thursday, 3 June 2010


I don't know why I bother reading bullshit stories, I just read one now about Twlight stars having their faces on sex toys. Big whoop. It's funny, it's hardly shocking and the world needs to get over the whole omg sex toy sex toy! SEX! OMG! stuff. After all like I've said countless times if you can have butts and tits flaunted in your face, which I happen to like by the way, but more cocks please, you need to know sex is happening somewhere in the world the minute you open your mouth and it's not just to create children. There should be nothing shameful in having a good fuck. Making love; lovely, soulful, beautiful, life affirming but to get in touch with your inner animal AND all the stuff that makes us human, the unfashionable stuff, is part of life and without that you're a pitiful, pathetic dead person. I can't stand it when people say yeah but I don't need to see them having sex. Get over yourself.

So clearly I feel very strongly about this. Wow. sarc.

I can't give too much away but I am truly getting in touch with my internet and phone slut. And it's great. The one weekend where I started it properly, after encountering some extreme vulnerability, it's not like it stopped my slut. I literally go to sleep thinking and craving it about sex even if I've masturbated and I wake up thinking and craving it, it's always there and I'm no longer idealistic about it. Not that I ever was in the way some women are. Just a fact. Yesterday I watched Training Day, a movie that gets me hot in my panties, I'm still so into being spanked by Hoyt but I no longer think of white knights. Not that I ever was in fairy tales, far from it. Sorry but I always thought Prince Charming was smarmy. We all have a white knight quality in us and I don't need to have the term hero defined to me by someone else especially so-fucking-ciety.

On a different note, wow Glee. It's a tv show, but in something you like sometimes there's a part that appeals to you because of a deep reason. Glee for me is watching the non fashionable people rise. That doesn't mean popularity, it means respect for themselves. Watching them grow as people; GREAT and that to me is so important. So fucking ciety isn't interested in that. So looks like Jesse, a character I thought had that switch in him, he could go either way in his personality, switched. Now his reasons could be any, I'm open to that. But what I hate is the importance of looks to people. So what, bastards can't look good? It's that kind of shit that leads to fascination with people like Amanda Knox. My God, the bullshit about her looks. Man, I don't get swayed. She does have nice features but she could also be a murderer, why do the two have to link? And yes I am aware I'm being blase, it's unintentional and no disrespect at all intended to the late Meredith Kercher and all victims of visciousness.

The only mind games, the only playing I'm interested in isn't sofuckingciety, is sex. Role play, sex toys. MMMMM. I don't care about a picture of anyone on mine, though that would be a novelty factor, I just want a nice juicy cock resemblance.

Which brings me onto this woman I miss, no she didn't have a cock..her first name was Venus. And she has REALLY inspired me, she gave very open and sexy and thoughtgful posts, but she's no longer around on a social site and I miss her.

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