Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I'm a little disturbed.

So I just read Ruin Me. It's available from Ellora's Cave. I know that Erotica always gets to me emotionally as well as physically, sexually but this one, the ending, disturbed me. Because you see, I'm used to neat, tidy, little endings. But life is so fucking different. I feel cheated a little when I read Erotica sometimes, by the cliches, the same men I'm reading about over again, I mean strength doesn't just come from a hairless muscley chest. I want to bang on someone's door and say that actually they should write about some fucking normality and how life really is and stop fucking around with images of Fabio in their head.

So in this book, she's torn between two men. Right, I've read this stuff before. But what throws me is the fact she chooses one over the other. It's not some threesome novel. Not that I have anything against those, but it's like a person's going to get hurt in this.

The sex scenes were GORGEOUS. Because it's so kinky when her boyfriend sends to her the man she can't get out of her system. And I wanted to liken it to my own story Those Two where I WANT my heroine to have both men, she WANTS both. But, this book is different.

And this book is about two cautious hearts and a very, inner, deep, sexy, primal the most primal longing over romantic love. It's not that kills me, it's not the fact that the heroine and hero wouldn't kill someone for each other, I mean really that wasn't just some line, it's the ending like I half explained earlier.

And if I really dig deep, it's the fact it's so far from conventional I mean even taboo is conventional nowadays, things explained, love there's always love or there's just plan lust, but this book, these characters are animal. It's not love or lust. Animal. Primal. Raw. It gets to me, it disturbs me.

The dialogue is beautiful, absolutely right down to earth, flows brillantly, inspirational.

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