Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Kinky's Book Of The Week!

I haven't had this in quite some time.

I'm a big fan of Lissa Matthews, Tina Donahue's heroes and books. I'm also in love with Amarinda Jones and Penn Halligan books and her heroes are perfect for the women she creates who are real, by that I mean not written as a cariacture but are also sexy. As well as happening to be dimensional.

I've been reading Amarinda's books for more than five years now and another thing I love about them is attention to detail whilst somehow managing to still be very readable and never boring. This book goes further in its sexuality and exploration. The dialogue is second to none in its rawness and the hold it has over you, put it this way, your clit throbs. In the right moment, a few books can make you aroused but to make you react in a certain way is a different thing, it's a quality. And on top of that, it's the ones who have something more to them that stay with me and leave me aroused no matter what.

Books like Amarinda's, Penn's, Lissa's and Tina's to name my major heroes, are why I'm thankful I discovered Erotica ebooks. They actually changed my life and made me, me.

So, I read Penn's newest, Take Me Make Me. And yeah I feel the little intro above was necessary. I LOVE Erotica and sex and these books are the biggest part of that.

Take Me Make Me is tightly written but a deep story of a woman called Millicent, first of all love that name and have always had a fondness for the bad women of Disney whether this was coincidental or not! So, Millicent gets a new job where part of her work is to sexually please clients. I think if a woman loves sex and we all know at least passion in some way is so much part of our bodies, souls and minds, then why shouldn't she be doing what she loves? You can really put a whole lot of you into a job like this, be it phone sex or face to face or who knows escorting- though I don't know much about that yet- and you don't have to lose yourself and become an object.

The book starts off with a bang. It's an absolutely perfectly written, incredibly sexy first page. We see Millicent in her new job and after that we follow her as she is introduced to her new boss and starts work with her clients. Any Erotica worth its salt will take you on a journey where we see the character evolving. The great quality about this book and the Erotica I admire, is that the men aren't just used as part of the journey, they're not the token hero, they don't just change the heroines' minds or are the convinient inconviences, happy ever after, marriage kind of thing cos heaven forbid a woman should have as many partners as she wants.. These men are actually soul mates of the heroine. My definition of the term is someone who doesn't juct click with you, they get to you really bad.

The hero in Take Me Make Me is called The Captain. Of course that conjures an image of someone barbaric, kind of looking Fabio esque in those funny dreadful guilty pleasures of those books with covers of a woman with her bosom exposed looking as though she's almost being throttled by some really big chap. But this the author of this non Fabio cover book is Amarinda Jones and The Captain is as real as you can get as well as being the reason Erotica is something you want to invest in. He's inspiring, sexy as hell and into Millicent big time.

The book is short but it's amazing how much is in it. The ending is what makes the story romantic. It's an ending to an evening but it's also a start and that to me is the icing on the cake of a great book.

I've been very careful in not giving you details, I know. The book speaks for itself.

Before I leave you with an excerpt and a description, I have one thing to say; ENCORE!

And one more thing, I LOVED this book so much.

"Take Me, Make Me by Amarinda Jones Genre Extreme Kink Length Naughty Nibble. Millicent needs money fast. There is a certain house on Davenport Street where she can earn it catering to the sexual fetishes of the clients. The mysterious 'Captain' owns the house and there is no boundary he will not cross to please his guests.

Sex is like breathing to Millicent. She loves it. She feels no guilt in what she does. The only problem is she has been warned to be out of there by midnight. But does the Captain have other plans for her?"

"Millicent Bradley would have cried out loud as the cock slammed into her ass but for the fact she was sucking on another dick. She held on tight to the muscular thighs in front of her as she sucked, swirling her tongue around the head of the cock between her lips. Millicent loved sucking dick. Size was not an issue. Any cock was a good cock to her. Having a man totally at her mercy, knowing for that one moment her mouth controlled him, was the most liberating feeling in the world. She groaned against the head of the man's dick as the grinding pain in her ass reached wicked. It was hot and brutally hard in an exquisite kind of way that made her ram her butt back against the man fucking her with no regard for anything but his own pleasure. Her knees shook. Her body trembled. It would take so little for her to fall into a heap and allow these two men to plow their dicks into her any way they wanted. After all, she was totally at the command of another.

"Don't you dare fall," ordered a harsh, monotone voice.

Millicent shook her head. Her eyes cut to the dark-haired man who spoke. He stood a few feet away, watching the action. He was in charge. She knew him only as Captain. He was the one she had sold herself to. Only he knew why she was there. Only he could give her what she needed.

"She has pretty breasts," murmured a feminine voice behind Millicent.

"Yes, she does, and you can taste them later."

The woman giggled. "And her pussy?"

"Will be yours when I say so."

Millicent gagged slightly. She had forgotten the woman was watching also. The Captain chuckled. He was aware Millicent had specifically requested no women and that she 'wasn't that way inclined.' Clearly, her wishes meant nothing. This was his game. Millicent had to go along. She belonged to him until midnight."

See what I mean!

Take Make Me is available from Noble Romance Publishing. I really recommend this to you all,




  1. Wow! Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm pleased the stumbling direction I sought to take worked.

  2. You're welcome! I mean all of it and I'm glad you decided to take this direction, yes it definetely worked!