Monday, 28 June 2010

Second part of Sold.

Just a little note first - I'm as random in my writing as other things and I don't write morality tales or anything that makes any sense, this is all just random off the cuff stuff so if anything happens out of the blue, then tough shit because that's life.

Why am I here? I asked myself silently as "Master" pulled into a driveway. I was intimidated by the fact this was all so new. I hadn't seen his house before. At least it wasn't a big house and he wasn't some Lord of the Manor. As sexy as that was in fantasies, it would mean he was far too important in society and had some Grace Kelly type girlfriend or was gay and looked out for loner horny women like me. I didn't hear much about his private life at work because I wasn't in the right circle. From day one, the snooties made it clear they would just glare at me if I ate my lunch in front of them so I didn't bother sitting and listening to the office gossip. I was a loner in my own workplace too ..but it helped me to get the work done.

I was going to go to bed early tonight. I'm not sure why I thought this as he leaned over and opened my door for me.

As I got out, I just wanted to cry. Prick probably wanted to humilate me. I'd get what I could out of it, so what?


I walked behind him, following him to the main door. My mum had an eye for houses, I did not. It must be beautiful inside I thought. But I was more interested in his arse. It was spankable.

He made a motion for me to go in first. I walked into the dark and he turned on the light. He locked the door and then said to come into the sitting area.

As I sat on a couch, I heard the tap run. He came out with a tall glass of water for me.

"Thanks." I WAS thirsty.

I waited for him to say something but he just sat on a chair watching me. The room was dark and there was only the light from the hallway. Perfect setting for a strip tease. I looked away before I embarassed myself.

"What would you have done tonight?"

I looked at him. My boss. Sitting there. I guess he was more than concerned.

"You're angry."

"You acted like a whore."


"I wanted to be bought." I said.

When I looked him in the eye through the dark, I felt every part of me tingle because I imagined he was very angry and his eyes was bearing a hole through me.

"You don't mind if a random guy sucks your breasts?"

I was too aroused to say anything.

I just looked back at his face.

I loved getting my nipples sucked.

"What about if he took you back to his place, or a place, and took you from behind against the wall?"

Yes please.

I was breathing heavily then. I was sweating and I was blushing. Please fuck me tonight, I thought.

"I like sex. And what I do in my private life no matter how repulsive to you is my buisness, not yours." I spoke emotionally but I managed to get the words out. I thanked my mouth for cooperating with my brain.

"Some men are into rough sex. You understand what I am saying?"

I nodded my head yes.

"I see you come into work and that quiet intensity you have would have attracted a rough man like a moth to a flame."

I didn't even think when I said, "I like it rough."

"Rough sex?" he barked.

"Yeah. All manner of rough sex. And for the record I would have love getting my breasts sucked by a random man. I love it all. And that's why I was there because I love sex. And I don't want to wait for some guy to admit he has a crush on me, I want to do something about it. Tonight."

I teared up out of frustration.

I know, I know, desperate. But toys and fingers could only keep me satisfied for so long. I dreamt that I pussy fucked another woman today and the guy watching us, came but after coming, sucked both our breasts at the same time, mine more though, and we slept together in bliss.

"So, boss." I said shakily." Why don't you fuck me against the wall and spank me so I jiggle against your hands?"

He was shocked I was sure. I heard him gasp.

"Are you sober?"

"Oh yeah."

"Yeah I would have noticed if your breath in the car, I'm sure."

"Okay then." I replied to his logic, taking my top off. I was wearing my black plunge bra with pink lace on around it. But I didn't have time to take it off, because boss man ripped it off of me.

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