Thursday, 6 January 2011

Next time i see yet another female celeb talking about her weight..

i'm going to run her over and steal all her money. No, i'm going to say keep your neurosis to yourself. it's different to a regular woman talking about her weight, someone not in the public eye, but when a famous women does it in a magazine, i only want to curse the media.

The thing is it's boring. i'm only entertained if say Jlo grow an extra boob, i'm not particularly bothered about how much she weighs unlike the media with whom the weight of any female celebrity is an over obsession.

i just think it's ridiculous when you find five articles about female celebrities that are to do with weight out of ten in one day.

i don't believe that esteem comes from some actress far away in Hollywood because she will get skinny anyway and then start once again talking about..yes you guessed it, her weight.

All the media do is pit women against each other and put us down. Honestly the last magazine i read was a man's one, at least they are entertaining, none of this Heat -she's fat no she's skinny no SHE is fat and SHE is just so skinny she can't be a real woman -codswallop!


  1. "All the media do is pit women against each other and put us down" - exactly

  2. We ought to work for a magazine and BRING THEM DOWN!! (no thats a crazy idea)