Friday, 7 January 2011

Improvements and infidelity.

Pride and prejudice.

i like having rules. i was thinking about comfort food, this time food and not the book by Kitty Thomas (reference!) and come to think of it i do comfort eat. Not in quantity but the types of food and when i comfort eat, it's wotsits and i'm sorry to on the odd occasion, macdonalds. i decided no more snacks for me. No chips when i have a sandwich outside. And no "treating" myself to a macdonalds once a while because it's not much of a treat for your body. Sure, it's not going to kill you unless you eat it every day in which case i can imagine the damage from something not nutritious at all, but that's it, it's not nurititious, i have no need for this food. It's fast, i always have the same thing so i don't need to decide what i want, i love the taste and it fills me up but i like having my stomach rumble, it improves the taste of the evening meal!

At the moment, i am having to meet someone half way with regards to food, for example there's a lot of microwaveable popcorn but i can't be finishing it off just because it's been bought in quantity for a bargain. i'm serious, this is actually an almost situation! Which means it will be wasted but i am consciously treating my body this year and my face. i intend to have night care regime (if you please) for mosturising, all of one minute,!, i intend to put foot cream even daily even though my feet aren't in sandals and i intend to eat nutritious food.

i also want to make my wardrobe more luxurious, and mine is affordable, i'm more Warehouse than Reiss, my clothes are all about the skirts, dresses, relaxed but fitted and flattering, not layering, just simple with a few eye catching items.

It is VERY difficult shopping for skirts. Dresses are far easier but i intend to utilise the tops that can go with skirts, why should i buy a black dress when i have a black top and a black skirt?

i like to have some sort of set coat for the season but i don't like restricting myself to a uniform although i can see that happening due to limitations in what is available out there after the manic sales that are over and the fact that i'm petite, skirts are too big around my middle and seem to take a size 6-12 depending on the brand!

i'm also stepping up on my heels, no more mid heels. i am looking for some black high stilletos that are sexy. i want to be as feminine as i can be, because inside i know i am and i've never really thought about my clothes or shoes portraying that but i can really appreciate high heels now, i love just looking at them in shops and i love the feel of stockings.

There also comes a time when you have to say bye to lingerie that's faded or the fact you have a few too many high legs. No one but my Master sees me in my lingerie but i want to wear sets, nice colours ALL the time. Set myself a standard. So, rules they are important to me. It's not about keeping up appearances, it's about keeping, well as trite as it sounds, me.

i was reading a bit about infidelity. It's funny, i'm sure last year after Christmas suddenly articles about the topic started appearing on the net. i don't want to say there are too many rules, i think civilisation is important, i don't want to go back to the times of racism and homophobia just because there was less political correctness back then. Infidelity is WAY different to polygamy or polyamoury, infidelity is cheating, it's betrayal, it's not just morally wrong, it is wrong period. When someone commits infidelity, and i like that phrase commits because it implies a crime and to me although it is a crime to a far smaller extent than others, it's a crime, no matter how unhappy this person is, i can not stand this idea of them being "pushed" towards infidelity, i don't believe in that, i think a person SHOULD wait for say the divorce papers to come through, so i have absolutely no tolerance to those who cheat, and the people they cheat with. i'm not talking extreme situations and i certainly wouldn't publicly mock them or show my "disgust" but i lose a lot if not all respect for them and start seeing them a different way.

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