Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Disappointed in this crap- who is going to take anti bullying seriously?

Yes i'm one of those "idealistic" people who think all bullying must stop immediately. Why? Because lives are lost- seriously what bigger wake up call do you need? Someone who goes to school and has to put up with taunts, being invisible, stares, laughs in every class is hardly a drama queen when they don't know what else to do but do SOMETHING so the pain stops. Teachers can only do so much and some do little. More support is needed, so that people are encouraged and not just thinking this is some lost cause and people thinking oh bullying has been happening since the dawn of time and my favourite, "that's just the way it is."

i know we have some woman asking people not to bully her son for wearing dresses and she wrote a book about her son the princess,!, i mean come on this goes beyond the issue of conformity and some men wanting to be women into the ridiculous, ridiculous because girls can dress like boys as that involves wearing trousers or suits and not growing a beard and shaving their hair. Wearing a red or pink dress is fine when you're grown up but when you are going to school and actually growing up, surely it's better to be aware of dressing up but not to be put bang in the middle for other children to pick on and expect they should change their mentality and if this kid dressing up is crying because he can't wear a dress, that sounds like tantrums rather than depression to me.

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