Monday, 10 January 2011

i don't normally do this, but i have to have this perfume.

i got a lovely Boudoir perfume (Vivienne Westwood) for Christmas..the bottle, the box is so girly and just nice to have in my room. Problem is i can't smell anything after 10 seconds of spraying it on. It's NICE but i went into a store to buy some plasters like you do and sprayed another tester on me, something i sprayed on about ten years ago and at the time thought i LOVE this. Well it turns out i still LOVE this scent. Unfortunately, i have to buy it. It's still on my jumper and i have been sniffing it like crazy. My birthday is not that far away but i don't think i can wait. i don't really do things like this, i have blogged about scents before and i am a scent person but i don't buy things just because i lovee them, prior to my big lottery win coming up by 2050 surely?

They sell you all sorts of crap on tv and i would say even the picture for this perfume that i "have to have" in case you missed it on the pic it's Opium Yves Saint Laurent.. is a bit far fetched. Having said that, i am buying the perfume..(provided they accept my voucher) & i'll probably start crawling about on carpets afterwards murmuring endearments.

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