Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The King's Speech.

i got a wonderful treat. My Master and i went to see The Kings Speech. It’s not a movie that i would have gone to see on my own, i was aware of the plot of the movie, that it’s about a man who is going to HAVE to be King who has a stutter and for him to give a speech, he has to go through an experience. Still, i never got excited about Colin Firth before, i’ve seen Love Actually and aside from Laura Linney i couldn’t have cared less about any of the characters or actors since then, sorry, but in the Kings Speech his performance really moved me. i am still thinking about Bertie the character he plays today.

i have always liked Geoffrey Rush who plays Bertie’s sort of therapist in the movie, since Shine where he played a brilliant pianist who had all sorts of crap to put up with ( i must watch that movie again and blub like a baby)…well many times in The Kings Speech i could have actually cried, i‘ve seen movies with characters who stutter, tv shows, there‘s always a story but the way that Bertie had been bullied into speaking but he couldn’t, the quietness and then you also get that glimpse of the storm within in Firth’s performance, the way he‘s lost hope in himself and the inspiration that you can get from seeing someone manage a stutter which is something that really affects people‘s lives and perhaps i‘m not wrong in saying this but makes men who have it feel less of a man? The scene where he gets to finally speak over loud music..this isn’t a spoiler unless you’re an idiot..he doesn’t know he spoke fluently over the loud music, he actually spoke from bloody Shakespeare,!, because he has no faith in himself, i get the feeling he hates himself quite bit because he‘s been bullied all his life and felt worthless and hated because of his stutter. It’s so ridiculous and makes me angry to think how people won’t give you a chance just because you have an obstacle in your life, they should be helping you not the other way around!

The whole movie was so inspiring, so wonderful and had me on the edge of my seat. Sure, there’s no twist but this is a movie with such intelligent direction that every step of the journey has you attentively watching and listening.

i remember i went to see The Social Network some time ago and came out thinking God that boy (Zuckerberg) is a loser, clever but the character portrayed on screen was a self destructive tosser and one note. i have met one or two people at who seem like this, i never had the chance to get to know them better to see what they are really like, they don't let you in at all.

When i saw the Kings Speech and saw this man who’s far from perfect, he’s a snob, he has really bad temper tantrums and behaves like a little boy sometimes..there was just something about Firth’s no fuss performance that made me happy. Afterwards i learned from Master that his character died not long after, and i was sad to hear that.

i really hope that Colin Firth wins best actor at especially the Oscars and that Tom Hooper the director of this movie wins best director, i will actually be rooting for them both, i haven’t cared about awards and all that for quite some time!

You can find trailer for this wonderful movie on youtube, won't let me link, it’s not an impressive trailer which is such a shame because the one for Social Network was a piece of work but it’s funny, that movie was merely okay, The Kings Speech like Firth’s performance unfussy and kind of quiet was brilliant!

The poster for the movie is spot on! And reminds me of one my all time favourites, another classy movie Quiz Show about the scandal behind a Professor from a well respected and educated family who goes on a quiz show and gets the answers given to him through his ear (wonderful tagline of 50 million people watched but no one saw a thing. Love it!)

Also, the movie has Jennifer Ehle (i wasn’t even that big a fan of Pride and Prejudice..er yeah right i was obsessed with the BBC dramatisation!) ..it must have been a weird moment for youtube video making fan girls to see her briefly with Colin Firth after that whole chemistry thing between them in P and P and Guy Pearce who i didn’t recognise straight away, yes he’s put weight on and looks better for it, most importantly gave an impressive performance with a good British accent.

i also went away from the movie sort of intrigued by Wallis Simpson. i find her a little fascinating, all that's written about her, i find that part of me doesn't think she was misunderstood, that she was controlling of her husband at least and at the same time i think the media were quick to jump on her every association and move and word as it to say, see she IS a witch and a bitch! i remember reading about Marie Antoinette and again when i saw the movie with Kirsten Dunst part of me thought yes she was this misunderstood GIRL trying to do her best and she happened to like parties and the other thought is that really her? Sometimes i wonder how exactly history is documented..i find i can't trust it and afterall an adaptation of history via a movie or tv show contains an adaptation of a character so who was this person really?

And in a world that still celebrates scandal be it all to do with the size of someone's bottom implants, why can't there be more about personalities and not who's got their tits and arse out in a sex tape? Where have all the personalities gone?


  1. I want to go see this movie. I have since I saw the first trailer months ago...

  2. You will love this movie. The trailer is simple, the movie when everything is put together is so moving.