Sunday, 2 January 2011

i survived.

i am so glad and relieved and happy to be back to almost normality, after tomorrow, the only holidays are the weekends! Am i crazy? No, you wouldn't understand.

& randomly, the good thing about x factor is the covers of songs make me want to listen to the original. It's the opposite with Glee but that's a whole other batch of things that go in a batch, kettle of fish etc etc

Some time ago it was Alexandra Burke singing Hallelujah that made me obsessed with Jeff Buckley's version which i just love it's both modern and soulful. This time it's Biffy Clyro's Many of Horror which Matt Cardle form X factor covered as We Collide. (not Cardle's cover)

And just for good times (nothing to do with the above)

i'm trying to muster up some excitement over the fact we're in a New Year, i can't because i know sort of what to expect, that's not a bad thing, in theory it's nice to see a clean slate, in practice it's just life isn't it. What a programme like Glee touches on is the many sucky things about life but for it's few moments and times..which you have to treasure and not take for granted.

i also quite like this Has anyone seen the trailer for Blue Valentine? (almost said velvet there) it's my movie for 2011, yup even at this early stage.

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