Thursday, 17 September 2009

I wish I had a body like this

This is my dream body. It's hourglass, soft, pillowy, tempting ..and yet toned too. I'm very much against cosmetic surgery; why? We lose our indivduality and I think that's a very deep flaw. But if I could choose my body, I wouldn't go near Jolie's Johansson's or Aniston's, I'd go for this womans in a second. The whole celebrity body thing, they're all very thin, just some have more curves than others but to me THIS is very womanly. And you can tell she's either lucky and or she keeps fit. No one gets a waist like that otherwise and look at those belly mucles..I used to work out every day so I KNOW what I'm talking about. ( I don't know much else so grant me this one "achievement"!) She is DAMN lucky having boobs like that. But then some guys say it's more about the nipples....
AAAnyway, this I got from a darn good author's blog advertising Sexy Reads..damned good advertisement! DAMN.

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