Thursday, 27 August 2009

Slowburn; a few days later.


Sweat dripped down Mel's body as she walked to Mike's work. It was 30 degrees Celsius, it was too fucking hot to do anything. She had moaned that into his ear when he wildly fucked her in the morning. He was a man unstoppable. But she knew he would never be late for work no matter how exhausted he was. There wasn't a time they weren't naked during those few days after she found him on her stairs.

And she didn't feel cold once. Not with his body heat.

Now the temperatures had risen and this morning she licked the sweat playing join the dots with the freckles on his body. When she took his dick in her mouth, the look on his face was exquisite. It was barely held control. He almost lost it. Almost. But she knew him. He rarely ever lost it. Though she tried her damnedest..because when HE would let out a swear word or a growl it was so worth it.

It didn't help to think of him, remember him and have her pussy wet already. Everytime she pointlessly tried to lick off the top of her upper lip, she tasted salt and she wondered if that was only just the sweat or was some of him still left on her.

He always had so much cum to give her.

When she reached the stairs she touched the cold railing to stop herself from coming just thinking about Michael Stevens.

"Detective Michael Stevens" It was supposed to sound playful when she said it, instead it just came out in a whisper.

"You bad girl."

She didnt know how to describe the way he could be sexy without even knowing it or trying, on another man it could have sounded too playful, on him it made her his even more.

"You look nice."

3 days with him fucking her like he owned every every dimple, spot, every media called flaw of her body still hadn't stopped her from making dumb bimbo comments.

"You look hot."

"I know, I'm sweating like anything" She perched on his desk a little.

He gave her a wicked look, taking in all her body and noting the blush on her cheeks. Anyone else did that she always waited for them to move away as though she were a digusting pig, Mike did that, she loved every second of it.

He stroked her jean clad leg.

"I think I must have put on weight, I'm sweating a little more than usual."


She almost laughed with him but he was essentially laughing at her!

"What are you going to do."

"I don't know its too hot to excersise. I can't even walk in this heat." She replied seriously wondering what she going to do.

"You could always just stay in bed all day?"

"On my own" She nodded wondering if he had a screw loose.

"I'd ring you up.."Melanie it's me.." He smiled with his eyes "get that hot sweaty ass out of my bed"


"If I come home and you're not there to greet me in the naked flesh then I'll take you over my knee and spank you for being naughty little bitch."


She jumped in his lap and he devoured her lips.

"Bad girl"


He fingered her wet pussy as she writhed on his lap.

"All your weight on me Melanie"

Oh God full name, must be bad.

"Michael" She kissed his jaw, "Please fuck me now, I beg you"

" need a good punishment. I'll lock you in a cell and fuck you behind bars with your boobs jammed between the railings"

"Oh please" She cried on top on top of him. He was so hard but he couldn't stop finger fucking her through her panties.

"I'd lose my job over you don't you know that?"

She didnt know anything but his dick in her cunt. Nothing else was real or of worth.

"Okay I'll take you" He kissed her softly even through his passion and even though she knew she could feel his dick literally throb.

"On all fours"

Oh my, she almost lost it there, especially when he licked her pussy juices from his fingers.

"Yes Detective"

She turned around, her panties around her legs, carefully and purposefully giving him an eyeful of her ass and got down on the ground. Her hands were on the floor, her head bent, her bottom high and waiting, her pussy dripping.

She could feel his nails on her bottom. She couldn't help but wiggle. He had such beautiful fingers, no not beautiful, HOT, hot hot fingers.


"I wish I could kiss you" He moaned after slapping her arse.

"I wish you could too"

"You need this every day"

"Yes" she weeped in every way.

She then felt his hand on her other cheek but he didn't slap. Nothing happened for a moment and she tried to catch his eyes. Pain. And it wasn't just frustration, she didnt know how to explain but she caught that pain in that one look.

"Michael.." She wanted to say he could be the only person to do this to her every day or even just once a week, whenever he wanted, but this was a slightly sore spot between them thanks to that stupid girl on girl encounter. But she did it just for him. Well for her t..

"UH!" He slapped her other cheek. Oh God that was hard.

She smiled even though part of her wanted to cry..for his hurt.

"Look at your body" He growled "Taut tummy and hard nipples. I wish I could suck one."

But he stuck his dick in her arsehole. Fuck he must have been a bit angry. She liked it. On him.

No warning. Oh and it was..after a was heaven.

She knew no other.

He controlled her body and fucked her arsehole. She felt her nipples so hard on the rough carpet and her pussy weep and cry.

She wouldn't touch it.

"Oh!" But he did.

"I want you tto come."

She really wished she could see his eyes.

"Come inside your slut" She moaned. OH! He spanked her. Hard on one cheek. Then the other. Then back to the other burning cheek.

"Pinch your nipples"

Oh..she was in too much pleasure..OH. "Oh Michael"

"Imagine me sucking ice from them"


"Your ass..your asshole is so tight."

He took his fingers away from her pussy and rammed his dick hard into her butthole. He roared loudly.

"So good.."

"I KNOW" He growled

He came shooting cum in her arsehole and she followed.

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