Wednesday, 26 August 2009

No easy fixes.

Too often there are adverts like life changing weight loss or life changing new bosoms or life changing new scar removal. News flash. Your life won't change unless you make it. Perhaps you are one of those people who has some random person come up to you saying wonderful (perhaps also weird) things but if you're not, you should still do and get what you want; abs, boobs, hair, whatever, just don't expect rainbows to magically appear. Confidence isn't the key. Being calm is. And if you want something quickly, then you have to be prepared to put in the hard work. So cut out the bullshit and really think about what YOU want.

There are no easy fixes or instant anythings..and if there are, tread with caution.

I've also been thinking about continuing one of my stories, not because I am in love with myself but because I really like that world I have created but I don't want the heroine's life to change magically, because actually when there's "magic" there's always a load of bullshit to come after shortly (that's how rollercoasters work), so I want her to have to change in herself without the hero changing her and that change will be gradual because she's not a short term burn out. And by change in herself, I mean progression. Inner confidence, that sort of thing. This isn't Mtv, cool isn't a new sideswept hair cut, it's being totally comfortable with yourself no matter what.

And anyway who cares about cool when you have YAWP.

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