Sunday, 2 August 2009

It's Spanking Sunday

And this pictures does it justice.

I shall simply have to put a spanking new addition to Nice Guy.

Here it is

Walking into the small living area, he expected to see her there. Waiting for him. She wasn’t there.

Where are you? He thought. He was late already, he rushed and rushed to get everything cleared and sorted but he got roped in covering someone else. Oh God he missed her so much. He couldn’t get the sight of her breasts out of his mind, the feel of their soft skin and hard rosy nipples and their weight..they way she loved having them sucked. He needed them in his mouth again.

Where are you?

He hated listening to gossip, he wanted to hear something interesting, worth living for, not the picky and mindless bullshit he heard now. But he tried to case they mentioned her. He wasn’t sure until now, until the silly girl on his left mentioned something about not coming down for breakfast so she could make it up for lunch…and then rage took over.

“What the hell?!”

But he didn’t respond. Nor did he turn around to see the damage he did to the table and bowls and plates.He now knew where she was.In her room.


“Open the door” He said against the wood. His voice was low but his hands were trembling.

“Open the door” He said again, gently this time.

He knew. She had been crying.

“I’m so sorry” He moaned kissing her, not helping it, just taking possessing her lips, mouth and tongue.She pushed him against the wall, much as he was impressed with her strength, he pushed her so she was against the wall.

“Oooh”He spanked her hard.All the time they kissed passionately and he didn’t know who was making what moan.

“Anyone ca,.can see us” She breathlessly panted but not leaving her lips off his.

He spanked her again.

Then he turned her around so her arse filled his gaze as well his hands.

“Why didn’t you eat breakfast?” He growled in her ear.

“Oh please..” She writhed.

She was so ready for him to be in her, he knew.

“Tell me“..He tried to sooth his two previous spanks on her bottom and then he just got carried away in groping her flesh through her pyjamas.

“I ate…”

“Tell me properly" She was going crazy in his hands “And then I’ll fuck your pussy from behind” He whispered almost crying. He really needed inside her.

“I ate.”

“I’m going to make you come just from sucking your breasts” He turned her around and sucked her left tit through her t shirt.


“Tell me” He whispered against her cloth covered nipple, wrapping his lips around it again.

“I ate.”

Fuck she was stubborn! He took both her large breasts in his hands and hotly attempted to suck both of them, sometime taking half of one and then half of the other in his mouth. He could feel her pussy. He knew she would be wet. Sometimes the material would go in his mouth.

“Tell me” He kissed around her nipples and then took one nipple in his mouth, sucking it and then licking it over. He bit gently.

“I want you in me please!” She had her hands in his hair holding him to her boobs.

“Tell me first” He alternated in sucking both nipples, moving from one to the other,.

“So stubborn” She moaned.He snorted against her, hating the fact he did so but he couldn’t help it.

“Spank me” She gushed. Was she close to coming?

“I hurt you before” He had his hands on her bottom, his mouth taking care of her breasts just fine.


Yes? But he couldn’t breathe let alone anything else at the moment.He stopped sucking her breasts. Looking her straight in the eye, he took hold of her hand.He saw one chair near the other side of the wall and he led her to it.He sat down holding her hand and she was standing right next to him. Breathing hard as he. It all made no sense what so ever.

“On my lap” He managed to get out in a whisper.He could see her hesitation. Then the first thing he felt was her boobs. Or was it her belly? She didn’t really know how to do this either. She had her breasts and belly wreaking havoc with his dick.

“Make up your mind” He moaned. Stop wriggling, stop it before I come in my pants.She stopped moving.

It would have been funny the way she was “laid” on his lap..but his gaze just zeroed in on her pyjama clad bottom. With a tug, he got most of her arse. He pulled them off a bit more, baring all of her bottom and pushing her white cotton panties with the rest of the material.So beautiful. He could see a dimple and some lines along with the plump of her cheeks. He wanted to kiss her arse all over.

He touched his hand to her, just letting her feel it.

His heart was going crazy and he was nervous as hell.

“Ohhh” It was best to get the first proper one out of the way. There was a pink mark where he slapped her.

“Oh!” This one made his hand hurt..and her mark was more pink and spread. His dick was a traitor, so aroused.

“Oh” He got another one. He wasn’t feeling any less nervous. The other cheek. So fucking hard, he could feel her pussy juices. I need to be inside you baby, he thought. Instead he just spanked her other cheek.

“Oh yes!”

“Stop” he said lowly, his voice a mess.

“It turns me on.”

“Slut” That just came out.

Oh she was so aroused and this was not easy for him. But ..but he didn’t know what the hell was going on.


“What did I say?”

She whimpered and her pussy gushed.

“Yeah” She very breathily whispered.

He spanked her through her coming over his trousers.

And another.

“I want inside you” With his help she sat up so that she faced him and he sucked her right breast, the nipple so very rosy and perky. He tongued it over and over. Could she come again?He better get inside her but her nipples were so delicious. He couldn’t resist the other one. She shifted against him. He looked up and her eyes were wild with passion. They were so, so dark right now. She placed her hands on each side of his face and kissed him softly on the lips.He knew he was in love with her right then and there.

“Oh…in a minute..” His shaky hands took undid his zipper. He pulled his dick out. She moved a little and now his dick touched her pussy.

“That’s it” He moaned. He could get it inside her now.He didn’t take his eyes away from hers because he had no intention of depriving himself.

She gasped. Yeah today it was the worst. He was going to shoot his cum inside her.

“Half an apple...they make fun of me.” She moaned and kissed him passionately.

“I’m coming” He gasped.

“In me.” He heard and felt her breathe hitch. “All in me.”

I love you.

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