Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The opposite of model

Ok strange title. But...I was watching a rom com today. I don't mind calling it a rom com because I don't mean in it a demeaning way. For me, if you love something then no one can tell you it's not worthy of being a great film. It could be for whatever reason/s a great film to you. (You decide its worthiness not the Academy Awards nor Roger frickin Ebert).

SO blabbering aside, this movie was called 27 Dresses. It was okay, entertaining, nice to watch with my sister and we had a laugh but a theme in the movie reminded of me that other one, one which I kind of dread to hear about..The Truth About Cats and Dogs. The theme similarity is ..hottie women as opposed to the not considered hottie women. And yes I'm going to use the cheap and idiotic label hottie because the idea that one woman's worthiness can be derived from the way she looks ..it's weird, odd, intolerant and narrowminded.

The Truth About Cats and Dogs..could they do more to tell us Abby is "ugly"? Could they do more to tell us Uma Thurman will stop traffic? Perhaps she will. Perhaps she does. But I don't want to ever have a daughter and her say to me, "Mum I'm ugly. I'm not pretty. Why can't I look like her (points to Giselle Bunchen or someone)?" You know what I'll say, I'll say because you're not supposed to look like her. Because we are all different and we can all be beautiful in our different ways. And regardless of anyone telling me that is contrite bullshit or consoling feminism, I actually truly believe that. But will she?

See I think you can be opposite of model and still be gorgeous. The majority may not find you so but the majority can be sheep. I use the word can I point out. So what's the point in The Truth About Cats and Dogs? That someone may love you for your personality and your looks grow on them but they may see hottie and lust after her. That is incredibly patronising. It's probably true..is it?..but I don't want to be part of that world. I'd rather live in one of my own where Janeane Garafalo could play Uma Thurman's part and visa versa.

Where inner and outer beauty are not seperated like this so women are not objectified and can be called beautiful human beings. Not beautiful girls when we're 30, not beautiful chicks but human beings so all looks are recognised and someone's worth itself lies only in their human nature.

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