Sunday, 26 December 2010


S'cuse the title.

I've had a few things that I wanted to blog about and one of them includes botox. I personally find it very very creepy. I find it creepy that people want to look younger, as a woman I'm so used to hearing, well doesn't every woman want to look younger? No! I'm happy to grow older, okay if I had skin dangling down I would consider a procedure but I look my age, I take care of my skin but I don't have that many products and I don't obsess. If someone said have botox I guarantee you'd never get a spot ever again, I have to admit I may then consider it only if I don't look in any way frozen! Not even a little bit, 1 percent frozen! I HATE that. It's robotic, clone like and that's why I findit creepy and actually think it should be banned. It's ordering with a firm loud voice and finger point (YES I'm making the Hitler comparision!) YOU MUST LOOK A CERTAIN WAY.

‘I have a bit of Botox now and then because I’ve developed two frown lines between my eyebrows.’

Oh my God?

"I have had Botox. I was constantly frowning in the sun. I noticed crow’s feet and that’s when I had it. I don’t know a single person who has not had something done.’

Wear sunglasses? And again, what's the problem with crow's feet?

I'd love to see a celeb who hasn't had it done, I never believe those who say they don't, it's so obvious and they tend to say an awful lot whilst they're pictured looking frozen in time.

I think people can do what they want provided it's not harmful and I think robotic and clone like seeking is, "perfection" they're calling it. The procedure, the injection, whatever may not be harmful in itself but the concept is. What's next, botoxed babies? Don't be surprised, it could happen.

The other thing I wanted to blog about was burlesque. I happen to find it quite glamorous and exciting. I'm not one of those people who frown on stripping but strippers themselves have to have a certain look and I don't agree with stuff like Playboy that promotes a clone type of one look whereas burlesque whilst I'm sure the dancers are not averse to tummy tucks and boob lifts and defnitely not fake eye lashes and hair, it seems more fun and yes empowering.

Plus I love the nipple tassle things, it's a playful tease and I personally think stripping can be quite sensual (with all my experience of course- joke, thought I'd better stress the fact I'm making a joke!) but I like the idea of say Dita Von Teese in a glass, it's just playful, cute. Of course it offends people, you can't call it an art! It's just stripping! It's SOOO sexist. But I can see the art in it and I also know that if you have a scantilly clad woman a man will look, it's a fact of life so you can call it whatever you want, it's not going to go away and neither is a woman's sexuality and a woman's sexuality does depend on men. If that's politically incorrect, I say sex was never supposed to be politically correct anyway and it's more fun when that is acknowledged.

Nearly Happy New Year!

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