Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas number ones, pictures and nine and half weeks.

It's a pretty nonsensical post even for me because it's a quick one.

I do have views on the Christmas number one song- I would like Katy Perry's Teenage Dream (because they covered it in Glee to huge love from me) to be a contender as it's a fun song and I'd like Christmas to be as fun as possible instead of " a time of reflection." This isn't happening and yeah I know she has a new song out called Fire boobs or whatever and Teen Dream was yonks ago. Something that may be a possibility is Ewan Macgregor's version of Your Song which I much prefer to the Ellie Goulding's version played over and over and over and yes over and over and over again advertising John F. Lewis.

So I watched Nine and A Half Weeks. The cheesy Kim Basinger/smiley Miley Rourke movie and I've been thinking about it. I didn't expect to like it, I'd seen the "food scene" on 100 sexy movie moments lists probably a hundred times- yes I watch those, leave me alone. However, I got to see a man who really in my opinion didn't know what he was doing and was intentionally and unintentionally on a destruct mission to me. There were elements of BDSM but he was not a Dominant. He was not a good Dominant and by good, I mean someone who knows himself-Mickey Rourke's character did not know himself. The ending confirmed that for me. And I liked the ending. I'm still on the fence about Kim B's character being submissive in her sexuality, I don't agree that all women are- or maybe a certain aspect in me doesn't agree, regardless, I think that Rourke could no way dominate her. He could only break her..and break her completely, with no new formation, no metamorphisis. I better sleep soon, I'm talking shit.

The best part of the movie is where he tells her the days are hers but he will look after her during the nights with him, he will feed her, he will brush her hair, I think he picks out her clothing but he doesn't truly own her- it's a shallow ownership and it's a romantic myth that some readers of BDSM and erotica buy into. A handsome man owning you. A sense of being young again. Listen, I want reality. I do not want fantasy. I read books for the insights into character but I don't need the author to make up some movie star look a like falling in love with a) an attractive but misunderstood woman or b) the "frumpy" secretary/librarian. Know what I mean? I don't need the fairytale, I just want to know more about how she feels say having her clothes chosen for her. What's going through her mind. You don't get that in blogs, or in articles, you get that in a story with a plot, thought out personalities, someone drawing back in their own experiences or really imagining and going with their gut on what it would be like to be in a situation.

Another thing I liked about Nine and A Half Weeks was the strain in the friendship between Kim B's character, Elizabeth actually,!, and her best friend, it starts off as stereotypical "hot blonde" (she is gorgeous but enough with attractive and blonde going together like two peas in a pod) and her funny jokemaking best friend. Yuck. Then in one scene I get an insight into the best friend's character. She's at a dinner table and she tried to get someone's attention, wears a sexy dress and then Kim B speaks and all eyes are on her with her hair and dress very very casual and the friend gives up. It's real. It's a truth yet to be universally acknowledged that all "ugly" and by that I mean normal people are as primary without conditions and limitations a character than the more model-y ones.

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