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I'm not going to post so much now I think, taking a break from writing even more so, maybe just a few odd notes about Owned and Owner and some piccies from the tumblr site I loves.

Today I was reminded of something that I'm passionate about which is anti bullying. From the start, I had too much self respect to think it's okay for someone to have so little. I had to think long and hard before and when I went into BDSM, before and when I became a submissive, about abuse. About BDSM and spanking, whipping, objectification and abuse of a human. And I still maintain that in Owned and Owner she is dehumanised, some would say she is abused but I don't believe she is bullied. So far, maybe I might on a later read. I wonder though about being bullied by someone who isn't just a bully to you, there's more in a relationship of some sort between you. If you have ever seen the movie Dead Poets Society and you think about Neal and his Dad, no doubt his father manipulates him, I would say he bullies him but he does love him. So we can talk about definitions and right and wrong but the fact is I may not jump to conclusions straight away. All I can say is bullying should not happen and we should help those being bullied.

A while ago I posted this, I'm glad I did and I'm happy with what I wrote. I wonder sometimes how I can help? Is all I can do give money because I'm happy to make donations and keep up with progress but I have a passion to actually see someone change, education and knowledge making their intolerance and ignorance break.

How many posts have I read about bullying where the person starts off, I was a weird kid. What are the bullies then? What are people who pick on someone and show no humanity towards them? They're normal? Their behaviour is acceptable? In my opinion, it's these people who are weird. They're not being assertive or proactive by them thinking they are "putting someone in their place" and "acknowledging social status." They're not showing survival of the strongest or fittest.

And if they happen to be popular..whether in school, at work, in a club, that doesn't make them a proactive and good person straight away and if people find them proactive and good, they lose any of those qualities in bullying someone whether it's "just one" person. So they may be great to other people but if they're making someone else's life hard, then they're not great at all.

No more excuses.

No more this is just the way it is.

Bullying doesn't make people stronger. The people who are bullied work their damned hardest to make themselves stronger.

It's not tough love.

It may make for some drama on Glee but in reality, people lose lives and if someone is "only" being kicked a few times or called names, things which are referred to as "minor" it is still bullying. You know when you are just gently teasing someone and you ought to know the difference between that and seeing your actions and or words have caused them harm. Even the most seemingly self confident person.

No one "deserves" to be bullied. It's an ego trip for the bully perhaps and if so it's the weirdest most delusional trip. Being a bully is not a qualification or something to be proud of. "Oh I used to bully the boys at my school." What a magnificent way to assert yourself, making people call you a bitch or afraid of you.

Know what bullying is. It's not standing up for yourself. It's not giving your opinion. It's putting someone down.

No one is perfect. I was called a hyprocrite and the girl who called me that knew what I went through on a daily basis. I was being bullied in 3/5 classes in the day every day, I was also bullied at lunch, teachers didn't know where to look. I didn't deserve the bullying but that doesn't mean I haven't been guilty of saying things about people. The difference and it's a huge difference, is that I didn't make toilet and animal sounds every time that person entered the room, whereas I got those melodic sounds for no reason when I came into the room in every class the bullies were there. I was picked on for every detail and I noticed that whilst the bullies disliked my appearance from the start, they started picking on it after some time and also the voice, the words, it goes on and on, they got everything. To this day I can't make proper eye contact with someone, it's either too much or too little and I can't look around a room without my heart banging in my chest. I never had that problem before being bullied and I got that problem from having every little thing scrutinised by the bullies. It was a hobby for them to torment me, it was like stalking, and torment is something I could never be accused of towards anyone. I'm not justifying my words about people by the way but thinking that I deserve what I got and not knowing when it's become extreme, is something I will never forgive that girl who called me hypocrite for. If I ever meet her in this lifetime, I will treat her the same as those bullies and it's not some revenge act I get delight out of.

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