Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Always Yours by Penn Halligan.

I think my mind goes places and sort of takes days to come back.

I had bought this book a few days ago but like some kind of inexplicable, had only read it today. Like an ooh what's this on my downloads. Like the book you downloaded dummy.

So K moments aside, I enjoyed reading a book, in the category Naughty Nibble (YUMS). As Penn tends to do, she gets right down to the raw need that runs through us all. For me this book is about the reality of knowing you are someone else's. I don't even have to talk about the characters. It's a Penn Halligan book, the characters are perfectly human and brillianty written.

There are so many mouthwatering words that I want to share but it will ruin the story so I will leave a blurb and a K teaser! Enjoy this nibble, I recommend to all, it's available from Noble Romance Publishing, See ya soon folks,

"Annie and Scott are in lust. The sex is perfect. The orgasms, sublime. Lick. Suck. Fuck.

Problem is, Scott’s idea of commitment is a diamond ring to hold on to his lover. Annie adores her man but she belongs to no one and if he hasn’t worked that out then maybe Scott’s not for her.

After months of separation the two lovers reunite. The sex is as hot as ever but has her man finally realized that no diamond is needed to bind lovers as one?"

"Scott eyes zeroed in on her. Annie gulped. Crap. She didn't want him back in her life. It was bad enough she thought about him. She decided to act like he was no one special. That he wasn't the man she spent six months pining over. The man who had not called her once. So much for his idea of love. If she had worn his blasted ring, would he have called? She started swimming—fast and furious, despite the pain in her knee. The doctor's words to "take it slowly" came back to her. You took a hard fall on that knee. Cement isn't forgiving. But you should be gentler on yourself. Yeah well, that was hard to do with Scott suddenly there. Annie wanted to swim and not think. The faster she did and the more pain she was in, the easier it would be to focus on anything but him.


She kept swimming.


Fuck off. Go away, get out of my life. Her knee throbbed as she picked up the pace.
Scott jumped into the water and swam straight toward her. It was only a matter of time before they collided.

Annie hit male flesh and sputtered. It was impossible not to grab hold of him as she choked on a mouthful of water. "Go away."

"Kind of hard to do when you're holding onto me so tightly."

"You scared me." In more ways than one. The feel of her body against his made her lightheaded with need. "Anyway, what do you want?" Annie fought the need to wrap her legs around his waist and grind her pussy against his cock.

"I want to talk to you." His hands moved around her waist.

Oh no, that was bad. Good but bad. "Why?""

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