Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Reasons to love Winter

The movies can be pretty fucking good.

Some trailers I post whilst I wait for my home girl Precious to make her bleeding way to the cinema. Hurry girl!

Precious. "There was a moment in this movie where I completely lost my mind...freaking out is so awesome, no movie ever moved me like this one." HURRY UP girl!!!!

The Blind Side. Sandra Bullock is fucking fiesty.

Leap Year..okay i wanted to kill Anna a little but Amy Adams makes her more tolerable. Plus I like uptight. And Matthew Goode fits in a little with the outdoors cowboy fixation I have atm. Though he doesn't really play a cowboy. I just said atm. The scenery makes it cute. Stop justifying, you know you want to see this.

Remember Me. Since Twilight I am something of a Robert Pattinson fan. He's funny and likes Marlon Brando. I'm not shriek omg marry me because I'm not twelve, I like cowboys now and also I don't actually want to be married to him. This movie is not going to do anything to stop annoying men who hate him. & if he reminded you of Edward in this is because he made Edward iconic. The boy can act so cool it cynics and lick it UP. Ooh doesn't Pierce Brosnan freakishly look like my dad..twenty years ago.. Enjoy bunnies and talk to ya soon..


  1. I saw The Blind Side a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it. Sandra Bullock was awesome and it was a really funny and inspirational film. I've been debating about going to see Precious, but it seems so depressing and I'm not into depressing at the moment, even if things turn out alright in the end. We'll see....


  2. Hey there! I love Sandra Bullock and she has an amazing body too..hehe. I know what you mean about Precious. The problem is I kind of LIKE watching depressing stuff especially when I'm depressed..thats a bit wrong! Yup, well it will be showing quite a bit because the girl who plays her has Oscar buzz (already)..so it may be one of those okay let me see for myself all the fuss type things.