Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Nice Guy.



She walked in a little nervous he could tell. They all had something to drink at dinner and it made her normally pale skin become flushed and he was sure there was something different about her eyes too.

He stopped his actions for a moment and continued to take her in. She had black hair which in this season looked sort of brown, red, a round full face, her lips seemed almost permanently in some kind of small pout, her eyes were a deep dark brown and the less he looked at her body the better.

She stood a good foot shorter than him. Her legs which looked shapely and yet quite athletic went up to her round, full arse which he knew he just knew he would be able to cup with his hands. Hands that he would normally hate for being too big. And then her sweet slight belly and her soft, large breasts. She probably didnt realise that he found her arms so soft and ..adorable. Arms covered by her blouse but he could see her curves so clearly and her hands, small hands, the skin there darker than her slightly tan face. Hands that he dreamed about stroking his pale shaft.

She looked up at him slightly uncertainly. Maybe he made her nervous. He didnt often do that. He was the "nice guy" Yeah right. If only she knew his thoughts, his fantasies about her.

All through dinner he had to endure her sitting next to someone else. Once or twice before when he had managed to get a seat next to her, they only accompanied each other in silence. She would pass him the various plates and bowls of food and polite thank you's were exchanged and he would try and catch her eyes but she NEVER looked at him back. The only time she had done that was when they first met, he saw her come inside with a heavy bag and he offered to take it from her. She had said oh its okay thank you and smiled and they had a conversation. He asked her how her journey was and why she decided to come to this farm and she told him she wanted to do something different and he continued to fall in lust with her. He knew the first time he laid eyes on her even from a distance, she was compelling. He could not look away and he hadnt ever since. But she never stared back at him, she never got annoyed or reacted in any way. She was all politeness. With everyone. God, she treated him like everyone else!

And the more days that went past, the more he wanted to back her up against the wall, bury his face, his mousy scruffy brown hair against her body and kiss her soundly. Bury his tongue in her cunt. He wanted her so badly and he was sick of jerking off every night. He needed her submission, he needed it so bad.

"Kiss me" he heard. What? He looked at her. She was looking at him oh man she was looking at him. She stood not that close to him but he had long arms and so he managed to just touch her waist. She stood still and the whole thing, he was so crazy but the whole thing just made him so horny. He moaned and moved forward, his hand now hovering in the air near her waist, and lowered his face to hers. His eyes and hers still open, her eyes looked so dark and intent, and maybe it was just his imagination but he saw a shift as she stared into HIS eyes. It was as if she truly saw him and she had now been close enough to see the the pale blue of his eyes, nothing special because they were so pale, but the way she looked into them, it was in wonder.

His cock hurt, his chest hurt and he crushed his lips to hers. She gasped and now, only now, did the minx moved forward. He could feel her tits against his stomach, even though he was bent a fair way down, she was short enough to have her breasts not that far from his cock and all manner of wicked dirty thoughts rushed through his mind.

He thrust his tongue inside her mouth and after a second she welcomed it by stroking it with her own. That made him push her against the wall. She moaned loudly. Almost out of shock. "You didnt expect that did you?" His voice was low and gravelly and his mouth was still half in hers.

She hummed and softened agaisnt him.

"Answer me" He took advantage and broke free from her mouth to wetly kiss her neck. Kissing was fine but he needed in her. To fuck her soundly.


He couldnt care less for her answer, she was now his slut and his face was in her cleavage. She cradled her arms around his head as he kissed her half through her blouse. He didnt want to tear it so he reluctantly moved down to her stomach, kissing her there, softly because he knew he wasnt far from her pussy and he didnt want her coming so quickly. He did want her to enjoy him.

She was rubbing her jean covered mound against him almost wildly as he licked her through the denim. He could even now feel her lips. Fucking crazy, she was driving him crazy. He stilled her bottom with his hands and stroked her there. He was right. The full arse. Alll of it he managed to encompass with his hands and his fingers. It was a tight fit but he got it all. Then he yanked off her jeans, not caring to unbutton her and buried his face against her panties sucking her wet juices through them. "Ooh" she moaned and he heard her hand collide quite violently agaisnt the wall. He looked up though still keeping his lips on her cunt, he wanted to check she was okay.

She looked down at him and he just fell deeper. The way she was looking at him as though he was something precious, even though she was standing over him like that, he felt a tug at his heart. She shoved her pussy deeper against his lips which were open against it. Oh yum. she tasted so devine against the cloth that he pushed it aside and just delved in right then and there. She came against him with a loud uuuhhhh and he continued kissing and sucking her. Her hands were in his hair, messing it up, never pulling at it though.

As she came and came, he lapped up all of her, every last bit like the most delicious feast. And then he looked at her as she started to settle down, the most beautiful smile was upon her lips making him look again.

"What about you?" She spoke. His angel spoke. "You're still hard"

He smiled. He was and one day he would pound her breasts like the savage he really was but today, he just whispered "Nice guys finish last, you know." For some reason she found that funny and laughed and he soaked that up very gently lowering her to the ground against the wall, and both of them lying there in each others arms.

He was at breaking point just waiting for her to cover her body. She had closed her eyes and then woken up. Once she stood up there was no way he could bring her down and have his wicked way with her. And the things he wanted to do..But no she just got that determined look in her eye, kind of like that time he told her to straighten up a bit on the horse. She looked at him and then she sort of smiled with her eyes and did it. Straightend up. He felt his cock twitch and now just remembering that..what else would she do for him if he asked? Would there be an argument? Oh dear God do NOT cover your breasts. She didn't she just put her top on.

"You're going braless?" He asked her.

She nodded her head yes at him. Why was she so quiet? Her breasts jiggled and he got up.

She was looking into his eyes as he was getting up. "Why? Why shouldnt I?" She asked him firmly but softly. She looked half prim school mistress, half slut.

" may make out the light bits and the dark..and the way your nipples are sticking out now..You look positively you want someone, anyone, to drag you to a wall and bury their head between your breasts through your top. Like your ..tits..are accesible to them at all times. It's just cotton. Anyone can suck you through it." He was half gasping. So was she.

"You're quite bad when you want to be" She moaned. She looked very flushed and there was a newly forming sheen of sweat on her face and no doubt between her cleavage too he thought.

"Around you." He grasped her bum and she gasped again, "I am. And I know how you love it."


He quirked his eyebrow at her. Something he never did but he wanted to play baddie to her princess slut what ever the fuck term it was. He didn't care, he just wanted IN her again.
He groped her buttocks and she writhed in his hands. Could she come just by him groping and maybe spanking her arse whilst he sucked her breasts?

"I want you to beg."

"What?" He almost barked it. God she tempted him..

"I want you to beg" She repeated again, now her brown eyes were wild and her tits he noticed..oh God STRAINING straining so much.. "Beg to have my breasts in your take them in your mouth. OOh." He now had one hand on her pussy, stroking it but not putting any fingers in. Difficult; she was SO wet!

He looked at her..not knowing if he knew at her at all..or if he knew himself.

"Please" He whispered. She blushed more if it were possible. "I want to suck you..please let me..PLEASE or I'll go mad" He knew he had a look of urgency on his face.

"Nno" She murmured. As "punishment" his fingers dug into her soft wetness. Those sweet white knickers of hers, well on one side, a sticky scrap of nonsense.

He bent his head down and tried to lick her..


She moved away!

She took advantage of his displeasure and surprise and was out of his arms. She took off her jeans, previously resting on her (fucking sweet) ankles and her juices trickled down her leg.

He stared wide eyed.

She looked at him and started touching herself. Closing her hands over her breasts and moving her thighs against each other.

Let me do that sweetheart he thought, even in his desperate angry state he would still call her that.

She fondled and fondled and fondled. Her fingers pinching her sweet nipples. All this through her top. She was moaning gutterally.

She looked at his cock. He had fastened his jeans over but that material was stupid. It hurt. He pulled his jeans down and stroked his dick. He was only a step away from her ..but he NEEDED to come. He couldn't wait. She was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. Writhing against the wall, watching him, lips open, moaning so lowly and rubbing her boobs together. He stepped so that he was looming over her. She pulled her top up. Fuck. He stroked and stroked and stroked. Like a school boy in front of her. He was going to come on her, he bent down and jerked his dick. Once, twice and the cum went on her tits. She moaned LOUDLY "Oh yes." Maybe both of them said it he didnt know. She smashed her boobs together. She was going to..oh YEAH..she took one hand away and fucked her pussy. "Uhh" She moaned again, coming. As she came with her hand, he did with his, cum falling on her tits and some trickling on her soft belly.

"I get paid by the hour" He moaned as she kissed his chest. They were both half naked, different halves and he was getting aroused yet again.

"Perfect. I always wanted to try the 69."

He almost choked. She looked at him smiling whilst he could feel himself blushing.

"I.." What could one say to that?

She broke away looking at his face and half covered chest. She took every scrap of garment off her body and kept her eyes on his. He watched her and then took his own shirt off, then stepped out of his jeans.

He saw her aroused. Her breasts looked full, heavy, her nipples hard and ripe, brown and pink. He ran his hand over his face wiping the sweat. Moving forward, he knelt on the ground and then sat down. She followed. Now they were both sitting opposite each other. Because he couldnt resist, he leaned forward and took her mouth passionately. It was posession.

She ran her arms all over his body and even touched his cock. When she was about to stroke it, he said "Now ..or I wont be able to hold it." He could see she liked his desperate state.

Lying down, he watched her climb on top of him though not facing him. He got a good view of her ass and her even her front because it was just right there and She took a minute to get it right, with each leg on either side of his arms. He itched to stroke her calves. She then kneeled forward with her legs now longer crouched but flat, knees down on the ground and he felt her glorious boobs brush just above his penis.

She felt it too and he could see her arousal. Her wet juices..he could not wait. Finally he got his lips on her pussy. He stuck his tongue inside and she moaned. She writhed a little and postioned his cock in between her breasts. She rubbed his penis in between and he could feel himself cum a little on her nipples. "Oh yeah" She moaned. He stopped watching her tease him and went back to her juicy pussy. He never really stopped licking it, even when his eyes were on her tits. It was his total obsession to eat her out. As he did so, he felt lips, Beautiful pouty lips take in the head of his large aroused penis.

She massaged his cock with her hands, his body half supporting hers so she didnt need to do so herself and she gave it her all. Stroking, licking, massaging, fondling, kissing, "Oh God" He moaned into her pussy. He felt her hum. She was so so wet now.

He stuck his face in her, and slapped her butt. She was moving it on his face and he was in heaven just eating her out completely, starving that he was.

When he felt her whole mouth, he must have gotten her real good because she gushed heavily into his face. He licked and lapped up everything as he jerked wildly up and down into her mouth. It was his reaction to her now deep throating him.

She continued to come and he was sweating and tensing trying to hold out the bliss of being in her mouth and throat whilst listening and feeling her beautiful moans and licking her arousal all over.

Oh fuck. She was really going for it, making noises with her mouth also, now he could hear them as she had finished coming in his mouth, he slapped an ass cheek again. "Uhm" She moved forward and he had to look. She looked like a total slut. With her big round boobs on his body and her head bobbing frantically and making noises, gagging but it was too good. He slapped her again. "Fuck Im coming you slut" He moaned unable to stop his words as he came gushing and exploding in her mouth, she made oohing sounds and lovingly sucked him throughout.

“Are you comfortable?” He asked her lowly. He was exhausted but it was the best kind of exhaustion. And she was in his arms.

She nodded against him. He didn’t realise until now, she had placed one leg over his. If his eyes could take pictures, they ought to take this one.

“I’ve never slept with anyone before” It was quiet. But he heard it.

Then, he wanted to ask something but as he opened his mouth he felt her breath on his shoulder. She was asleep. It was best that he didn’t ask questions when they were this tired anyway.

All that mattered was that she was here with him now.

He missed her as soon as he woke up. He had a small feeling that she wasn’t there but strangely enough he could feel something in his arms. In his silly dreams, he was wrong.

There was a note lying next to him, in her place. Her place. Don’t dwell, he thought.

Steven, I kissed you before I left. It was soft and you were so tired. I couldn’t wake you. I will always remember tonight vividly, no matter what happens next. I wish I could help you with the stable but I know I won’t be able to, So, I’ll see you at breakfast, Thank you, Yours.

He held the paper as if looking at her. “Tell me..are you made for me?” He murmured. He couldn’t wait till breakfast...but there was work to be done and now he had some evidence that good things came to those who waited and didn’t rush in. He was no fool.

(to be continued)

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