Friday, 24 July 2009

Antichrist..starring Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg and directed by Lars Von Trier.

"A couple lose their young son when he falls out the window while they have sex in the other room. The mother's grief consigns her to hospital, but her therapist husband brings her home intent on treating her depression himself. To confront her fears they go to stay at their remote cabin in the woods, "Eden", where something untold happened the previous summer. Told in four chapters with a prologue and epilogue, the film details acts of lustful cruelty as the man and woman unfold the darker side of nature outside and within."

Ok some good themes there. I'm salivating already.

And those pictures especially the close up of Dafoe's cheekbones as he fucks his woman in the shower have me horny.

I hear the movie is misogynistic and quite crap really.

Well that's a shame, it could have been brilliant ..hey maybe it is.
And pretentious? That word is thrown around. Indulgent? Who cares. I'm in.

One idea that also has me is the woman having sex whilst her child is shown dying. Now I'm not pro death but what I like about that is that it's animal. Pure animal. Raw. Nonsense.

And going with random blabberings about animals, I like provocation. Sexually speaking; only. I like to be pushed. I like nice boys who are complete bastards in bed.

There's also a vulnerability there.

Dirty, low, nonsense, unpolitcally correct sex please.

If you can't abandon all rules and go crazy during sex, when can you?

So I'll be catching this little Antichrist online..where the scent of some lonely sad old man's sex in the cinema room isn't putting me off from touching myself,
yrs Kinkily

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