Sunday, 5 September 2010

I finally got chance to post a Comfort Food review on amazon UK

I consider this a way of saying thank you to the world of Erotica and the authors. Here's what I wrote about a book you may have heard me mention..

Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas is a book I came across one evening and when I finished it, I had tears in my eyes. Yes it did have a big impact on me, not only because it hit something personal (when I say it changed my life, that's not a over statement) but the author has written something raw, real and absorbing with strong characters. Not in your face characters, and none of this book is in your face, it could be but it's intelligent and anyone can access it and just find it interesting if not erotic.

I personally find the book erotic, not because I have a kidnap fantasy, that's something I don't even know about myself yet but because of the strength of the bond between Emily the heroine and the man in this book. And something we humans relate to -inner strength, society conditioning, relationships and any kind of sexuality, "norms", right, wrong.

I find the book refreshing and I will always come back to it no matter what happens in my life. In summary, Emily is kidnapped by a man who is a stranger, she is kept in a cell by him and she has no idea what is going on, why, what she says is what we think, why is he doing this? We see something happen between Emily and this man and although what he does is morally wrong and the action itself would probably fit the definition of evil, he has his reasons, it's not a justification because nothing about this book is preachy and nothing is fake. There's no role play, which don't get me wrong is erotic but this is a book about slavery.

p.s. I gave it 5 stars!

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